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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan


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OMG!!! Duuuude! Looking at Bebop n' Krang - me thinks this is going to be based on the IDW comics! YEEESSS! I...




(sigh) Okay - it looks great. Still wanna see some gameplay. I don't see any health bars, meters, lives...in some screens they got shadows - others they don't. I gotta see gameplay! (wipes drool)


It'd be awesome if they had unlockable skins - or something to encourage replay:


Mirage turtles (tails w/ all red bandanas), 80s cartoon, 2K3 turtles, the Henson Turtles from the 90 movie...can you imagine?! I'd gladly throw down 5 bucks for a retro skin pack.

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I wish the show was done in this style. Looks fucking great!


More info here


It's a third-person action game set in the Big Apple (though likely not at 3AM), and will see the turtles, by way of singleplayer or four-player online co-op (no mention of local) taking on Bebop, Rocksteady, Shredder, and other "iconic bosses." It will feature an original story from Tom Waltz, who handles IDW's recent storyline.
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Jeez, no Wii U love - that's what the NUX has to be...a legit 3rd party option...'cuz...dayum. Nintendo not getting the latest TMNT game is tragic.


ANYWAY - getting this on 360. I hope to holy hell they have drop-in / drop-out play 'cuz I don't have any friends who have an XBOX. weep.gif





I LOVE the comic book aesthetic! Looks kewl! It all looked cool! The combat they showed looked so fast and explosively over-the-top - I want more gameplay details, though. So far, I'm getting this - bring it!

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