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Netflix and the BBC are teaming up to ensure that no generation of children goes without the character-building experience of waking up screaming at the thought of being messily devoured by rabbits, or drowned in pastoral fields of blood. The streaming service has partnered with the broadcasting company on a new adaptation of Richard Adams’ Watership Down, with a star-studded cast lined up to appear in the ongoing nightmares of every child whose parent puts on “the cute bunny movie” and leaves them to their fates.






UPDATE: Variety has posted the actual casting information for this new Watership Down, with X-Men veteran McAvoy playing Hazel, Nicholas Hoult (a.k.a. Nux fromMad Max: Fury Road) as the prophetic Fiver, Boyega as the physically powerful Bigwig, and Kingsley in the role of Woundwort. Meanwhile, Arterton will play Clover, while Peep Show (and a bunch of other great stuff) actress Olivia Colman is playing Strawberry (who’s a male rabbit in Adams’ original book). All told, it’s an amazing cast, only slightly dampened by the fact that the whole thing will be directed by Noam Murro, whose only major credit is 2014’s dismal 300: Rise Of An Empire.




I've never even seen the original solely based on its reputation. Same goes with The Plague Dogs. I may have to now though.

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