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Sporting Websites to watch matches


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So, I have a few websites any sport fans can watch sporting events or relive some sporting events from past years.


Footballia. net

^A Football (Soccer) website that has matches of several tournaments, ranging from National Leagues to the FIFA World Cup. As far as I know, the website has matches dating all the way back to 1958, which are complete.


tarjetaroja. com

^A website that livestreams sporting events when they're live and such. Most of them have crap quality and ads, but it gets the job done.


Youtube also has a few sporting events that are Complete, such as College Football, Basketball and other sports.

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nice thread! i primarily only watch boxing matches where i can, so while it's shady as shit, ive used free2all streams - it's prolly not a fantastic idea if you don't have a secure browser/anti malware setup etc, and even with that & a solid adblocker, you gotta try a few streams & x out some shit, plus put up with occasional lag/etc. but it sure beats pay-per-view!


man, i wish a bar out here would put on the fights.

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watchwrestling.to used to carry all the WWE PPVs live/ minor delay, but they didn't for the last one this weekend. No explanation. Hopefully they get back to it. They do have the last PPV up as an archive item now though.


And they have a big back catalogue of Raw, Smackdown, NXT etc.


Also UFC/MMA events.


Usual warnings about making sure you have a secure browser and adblocker etc.

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