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Rio Olympics 2016


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anyone else watching? saw some gymnastics & swimming with donny, the boxing match was really cool to see (i don't usually see it televised)...anyway let's start this thread off with controversy


'No apology': Fury in China after Australian calls drug cheat a drug cheat


Hong Kong (CNN)Australia has refused to apologize after an Olympic swimmer sparked outrage by accusing China's Sun Yang of being a "drug cheat."


Speaking to the media after beating Sun by a mere .16 of a second to win the 400m freestyle gold , Mack Horton described his win as one "for the good guys."


Prior to the race, Horton said Sun, who served a three-month ban for testing positive for a banned substance in 2014, was a "drug cheat."


Australia's chef de mission Kitty Chiller flatly ruled out any chance of an apology on Tuesday, according to CNN affiliate Sky News Australia.


Speaking to reporters, she said Horton "has every right to express his views and his displeasure."


"We have no intention of making an apology," she added.


The spat adds another dimension to the men's 1500m freestyle race on Friday, when Sun and Horton will face off again. Sun won gold in the 200m freestyle on Monday.


The Australian's comments sparked fury in China after an emotional Sun broke down in the post-race press conference, accusing Horton of deliberately trying to psych him out.

A hashtag "Sun Yang Don't Cry" quickly went viral on the Chinese web, and Horton's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts were flooded with comments attacking him and demanding he apologize to Sun.


"You are too complacent and will die quickly," read a comment on one of Horton's Instagram posts. Others called him a "loser" and "shameful," and flooded the comments with the snake emoji.


Chinese state media also joined in the outrage. An op-ed published by the nationalistic tabloid Global Times described Australia as a country "at the fringes of civilization" and referred to its history as "Britain's offshore prison."

Horton "couldn't hold in his cynical smugness after beating Sun, and the Australian media recklessly spread Horton's rude speech," the op-ed said.


Speaking to state-run news agency Xinhua, Chinese swim team manager Xu Qi said Horton's "inappropriate words greatly hurt the feelings between Chinese and Australian swimmers."


"We strongly demand an apology from this swimmer," Xu added.


Meanwhile, Australian medalists also backed Horton, according to Sky, including gold medalist trap shooter Catherine Skinner and the bronze medalist diving pair Maddison Keeney and Annabelle Smith.


"I'm all for clean sport. Everyone should have an equal playing field," Keeney said. "I support Mack. I'm with him all the way."

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Simone Biles....how




Vox: Rio 2016: Simone Biles is unlike any gymnast we’ve ever seen


There are only a handful of constants in this world. Simone Biles, the most dominating gymnast the sport has ever seen, is one of them.


On Tuesday, Biles and the American women's gymnastics team annihilated the rest of the field at the 2016 Olympic team event, turning it into a clinic. Team USA finished the competition with a score of 184.897, eight points ahead of Russia — a huge margin considering that gymnastics is a sport scored in fractions of points.


Biles was a huge part of the win, the only one of Team USA's five members to compete in all four events. Her scores helped vault the team ahead of the pack and helped solidify their legacy as the best team in the history of women's gymnastics.


For Biles, her first Olympic gold is the culmination of three years of gymnastics domination. But it’s just the beginning for this special, once-in-a-lifetime athlete. Here’s what makes Simone Biles unlike any gymnast we’ve ever seen.









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The chinese swimmer who lost her mind about winning bronze has been a highlight for me so far.

Got a link? One of the bad things about relying on Interwebs and youtube for Olympic coverage is being in America I see 30k clips of Michael Phelps breaking his fucking swimcap as he dons it yet zero fuck all clips from any other country.
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