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Hondo's Fundraiser 2016


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so, i totally forgot to put this up before my trip, but our server hit me up a few weeks back:


Hello Nicholas Custer, There are 45 days left until the expiration of your GrowBig Hosting hondosbar.com on10th September, 2016. In order to provide you with a smooth and uninterrupted service, we will renew it automatically on the next bill date - 26th August, 2016. We will charge you 162.00 USD for the renewal period of 12 months.

that keeps our current rate of about $13.50/month, so long as we keep our rent paid 1 year up front. siteground isn't our best host - they pretty much know nothing about our forum software, and tell me i'm on my own when anything technical happens - but on the other side, they don't force upgrades & let us do our thing. with the exception of whatever happened recently, i don't have many complaints...but you guys should know, while i'm better about taking monthly updates, i'm not good enough to take the site down, restore it from them & thereby give them a proper test - which is to say, we could still lose data if something goes down, i'm just trying to keep better records.


so yeah, that's all the transparency i got! if you've got a few bucks to donate, the tab is under Donate on the site's main page! always appreciated.

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