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RIP Gene Wilder

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Gene Wilder has passed away at 83.


Gene gave us so many laughs throughout his career! Willy Wonka was has been a favorite movie of mine since I was a kid, it means so much to me, and I'm also a huge fan of Young Frankenstein. I remember when we had that "Whose celebrity death would affect you the most going forward" thread, Gene was on my list. When NZA texted me with the news, I was at work and I teared up a bit in the classroom. I just adored this man...


What was your favorite Gene Wilder movie?

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This thread got me off on a nearly three hour youtube binge watch of interviews with Wilder last night. I also watched the A&E Biography on him. (Damn, remember that show? It was so prestigious back in the day.) I always associate him with Mel Brooks, but they only did 3 films together. Ditto for him and Pryor. But Wonka is the crown jewel of his career, right? In one interview in 2013 he just straight up dissed the Tim Burton film. He had nice things to say about Depp as an actor, but point blank was like--I don't like Tim Burton as a director or what he did with the movie.


I also discovered there were a few of his films I never caught that I still need to see like The Frisco Kid and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother.

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Yeah, I've seen a couple o' interviews where they brought up the remake w/ him. He maintained that he respects Burton n' Depp as a director / actor respectively, but when he saw the trailer - he had no interest in seeing it. He didn't like that it was so dark.


It's funny 'cuz Roald Dahl hated the 1971 movie-adaption of his book - beginning w/ Wilder's casting as Wonka. I actually like both versions very much.

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