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Comedy Central has picked up Clerks Animated. It doesn't look like there will be any new episodes, but this will expose the show to some new people and will mena that four of the six episodes will finally be airred for the first time. Most people who would care for this own the DVD or have a friend who has shown it to them, but this should do well on Comedy Central, for a while. How long can they keep up with the same six episodes? Anyway, now Comedy Central just needs to pick up Family and it will be the greatest channel ever.
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According to Yahoo! Movies it'll be out 2004 and be called Clerks: Sell Out. This is what the site says about the plot:


Premise: Dante and Randal decide to make an ultra-cheap black-and-white movie about their wacky experiences at the Quick-Stop. Yes, this animated movie is what you think it is. (Except this time, "Silent Bob" won't be directing... and yet, in another way, he will. Whoa...)


Sounds funny to me. Kevin Smith says:


"If you think this movie [J&SBSB] was for the fans, hoo-boy, you ain't seen nothin' yet."


Woo hoo!

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According to what I last heard, Clerks: Sell Out is going into production almost immediately after Jersey Girl is completely complete. Now, I dunno what they mean by "into production". He might not have even written any of it, yet...


As for the Scary Movie 3, Kev said he might be doing a final script polish at most. It's mostly Brian Lynch's gig (an old friend of Smith's, who he suggested to write the movie...which earned Kevin an excutive producer credit).

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Yeah, both Smith and Scott Mosier were asked to put their names on it as producers, just to get the move pushed closer to production. He was asked something about it at Megacon, last year, and it seemed he knew just as little as the rest of us about when or if the movie will ever get made. Haven't heard anything about it, since. Last I checked they've still got (sigh) Rachel Talahay set to direct, Ennis to write the script (dunno if it's still the crappy old one that went around the internet) and (sigh) James Marsden in the Jesse role. They're hoping to be finished casting and start shooting by the end of the spring, but don't count on it.

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