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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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Pretty sure I saw a different trailer before Dr. Strange, and it really failed to capture my interest. This one though has done so. It looks fun, hopefully CGI is a long way from being finished though 'cos it looks fucking awful here. But otherwise could be a lot fun.


I've yet to read or watch anything Harry Potter yet, so I wonder if I could go in blind and not be lost.

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My guess would be no previous Potter knowledge would be necessary for this film, ASC. It's a prequel, so of course there will be Easter eggs and mentions fans will likely get that you won't. However, I believe the bulk of this film takes place in NYC, far away from Hogwarts and the other characters in Harry Potter. Don't quote me on that though as I basically only know what the trailer has told me.

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So this thread died off quick or maybe it got some posts lost along the way with server transfers/crashes? Anyway, I of course saw the first Fantastic Beasts film and loved it. Wonderful film, and a very promising start to JK Rowling's screenwriting career and expansion of the Potterverse or "Wizarding World" as they're now branding it.


The sequel, The Crimes of Grindelwald, was a bit of a convoluted mess though. Saw it tonight with a few hardcore Potter fans and we all agreed it was a damn pretty movie, especially in 3D, but the plot was much too convoluted and uneven. It felt like a truncated version of a Rowling novel where the b-story became the A-story, the main characters were given short shrift, and the ending is a non-ending pseudo cliffhanger. Meh.

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