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Drew Barrymore becomes a zombie. That's pretty much all the premise is. But I'm 7 eps in and it's a lot of fun! Timothy Oliphant is fucking hilarious in this, and the story has taken some interesting turns. Easy watch too, only ten 30 minutes episodes.

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I started this last weekend! The first episode was out there (and pretty disgusting). I was a little on the fence. But episode two has me hooked! It's pretty funny in general but Timothy Olyphant is the only character who has me laughing out loud regularly! His facial expressions and reactions to things are HILARIOUS! I'm glad to hear the rest of the season is fun. I'm definitely going to keep watching!

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Jist finished season 2 of this tonight. There is so much shit going on, sometimes it feels like too much. But damn if it isn't consistantly hilarious. Plus that ending was perfect. Season 3 is gonna be insane.

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