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right then - our new server is cloud-based and works best with stuff made through the forum's software proper; meaning, any of the older pages would need to be recreated as a page within the board itself.  


i'm not yet familiar with the process, so i can't speak on exactly how much time/effort that is, but before doing so, i wanted to see if anyone of those web 1.0 pages - most having not been updated in early a decade and a half - were something y'all wanted to see stay.


mind you: i'm keeping backups of all of them, this is just a question of what should be visible here & now.  


my thoughts: 

- FAQ is of course my baby but it's corny & terribly outdated and i'd be okay with a full-on new one/rewrite at some point; anyone posting on a forum in 2k17 likely knows how the basics work 


- member list has been redundant forever, you can link to your social media page in your profile now, i wanna say 


- i love our art gallery but we're looking to get a built-in gallery feature and truth be told, i think it'd be cool to grab a few classic/great images from older eras but mostly focus said gallery on our more current membership.  i think a page that can be edited with our ongoing art contributions in the art gallery thread would be cool & something folks would actually wanna visit. 


what i'm saying is: ive kept tons of really old stuff for historical posterity forever now, and i've come to realize it's really only the posts that matter for that, to me.  i'm inclined to only renew/retain a few of these pages but wanted to see what y'all think first - keep them as they are, work on new ones with who we have, or what?  

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To be perfectly honest, I don't know that I would miss any of these.


Maybe have quick links to actual threads pertaining to the topics? Make an FAQ thread (can just copy paste the old one with some addendums.), Thread to the Art Gallery (A new snazzy version does sound nice though. I'm clearly biased here however.) Member list is kinda nifty for certain things. But yeah I think it can all be condensed in different way yeah?


Where is the webcomic link?

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The FAQ is a part of Hondo's lore, it'd be a shame to see it go.


The Art gallery I voted to keep, but that was before I read that you planned to replace it with a new one. A new gallery would be my preferred option.


Member List I'm not sure why, but I'd really miss this. Nostalgia most likely, back when I'd marvel at all the older members with lower post counts to me (I was stupidly very proud of that).


The rest could all just be combined into an all-purpose, History of Hondo's thread in Town Square. And while we're at it, the FAQ should just be a pinned and locked thread in Town Square. Just copy and paste, dust off your palms and walk away. 

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yeah, i'm not against say, copying & pasting some of the older pages over for posterity - i just wouldn't make a feature of em.  i.e., a new/modern F.A.Q. with a link to the OG on at the bottom, and a reference to a dated member list with said link, etc.  i don't think that'd be too much trouble, really - just wanted to see what pages/corners would actually be useful going forward. 

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so, the History & Gatherings pages pretty much moved to the gallery, as i think that's a better fit.  Member List would prolly work best as a page itself, and i wanna say Blood Bath & our webocomics have their own threads (thought i can't find the one for the former right now?)


still accepting applicants for a new, modern F.A.Q.! 

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