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Brian Michael Bendis has jumped from Marvel to DC in a "multiyear, multi-faceted" exclusive deal. DC made the announcement this morning via Twitter, with the author retweeting the statement.

"We are beyond thrilled to welcome Bian Michael Bendis exclusively to the DC family with a multiyear, multi-faceted deal," reads DC's tweet. "He's one of the premier writers in the industry having created so many unforgettable stories wherever he's been and we cant' wait to see what he has planned for the DC Universe."


The DC projects Bendis will be working on have not been disclosed, nor have details of when the author's Marvel projects would conclude or how it would impact his numerous creator-owned project published under Marvel's Icon imprint.

"This is real. I love you all. Change is good. Change is healthy," Bendis tweeted. "I am bursting with ideas and inspirations. Details to come! Stay tuned!"



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Barring Ultimate Spider-Man and his recent run on Guardians of the Galaxy I have been unimpressed with everything this man has done while at Marvel.  I'll always appreciate what he and a handful of others did by putting Marvel through puberty but like all teenagers, New Avengers-era Marvel was just super crass and obnoxious.  And while I love Jessica Jones and Miles Morales it's in spite of the fact that he never developed them as characters at all.  People comparing this to that time Jack Kirby went to DC disgust me, Kirby was a visionary, Bendis is an idea-man at best.

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^one of the best the character's seen...but it was a while back


right now, he was kinda chugging past the first arc of Defenders (which was enjoyable) and Alias is always solid for me...but i can't say i'm sad at this.  he really helped build so much of the current house, but the way he's had certain corners/characters locked down, this really feels like a blessing...plus, he's wanted to write batman forever now. 


Miles & Riri in particular need room to grow, and my sincere hope is marvel takes this opportunity to get more black/women writers on such books - without relying on Ta Nehesi Coates or G Willow Wilson, both of whom i love but even they'd not enjoy being treated as defaults, i'd think.  hell, Jessica could really stand to develop under a female writer too.  


they've got an opportunity to foster new talent here, i really hope they take it.  like, i love Dan Slott (i keep hearing Surfer's great these days) but while Chip Zdarsky finally got his own spidey (comedy) book, Dan's run has gone on forever & the character's right back around status quo too, he's another i'd like to see either shuffled around.  this industry needs new blood. 

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