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Xbox Scarlett Cloud box


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Here are some new information about Microsoft's next gen approach coming from Brad Sams (well reputed MS journalist that knows a lot of MS insiders):

The Xbox Scarlett family of devices will feature 2 devices: one classic console (like the Xbox One X for example) and a cloud gaming box.

Although their cloud gaming technology advancements can let them release the Xbox Scarlett Cloud sooner, Brad thinks that both devices will launch at the same time (2020).

The Cloud Box will cost around 99-125$, it'll feature a hard drive that will deal with all the collisions and input informations in order to reduce latency, MS really thinks that they have it figured out with that hard drive collecting those infos.

All "Scarlett" (next gen games) will run both on the "Cloud Box" as well as on the Scarlett Console.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5s725FjRH0

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Thing is - and mind you, I admire their effort to change technology - A lot of what they want to do requires much better infrastructure throughout the world to be successful. Console work right now because they don't "have" to be always connected or when they do, they are not as resource (internet) intensive. More and more of what they are doing sounds like it would require a lot more dedicated ISP work. I mean great for me, I have Google Fiber. But what about Timmy out in bum fuck Texas?  

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