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I can't find a proper Venom thread in comics! If I missed it please merge. 


Am I the only one reading Cates' and Stegman's run? It's fucking fantastic. It's got great action, psyche horror, and the character development here is stuff that should have happened years ago. The Symbiotes' origin is so badass, and they are giving Eddie some great backstory. 

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I've been reading it.  It's not the height of the book (the first to volumes of the Flash Thompson run, didn't really care for Venom Spaceknight all that much) but it's one of the better Venom books I've read and I like how Cates is bringing together all the disparate threads like the Klyntar stuff from Guardians of the Galaxy and the Cthonic cult stuff from Tomb of Carnage (probably the best Carnage book ever written.) With the exception of the Cain Scarlet Spider series this has been my favorite Spider-Man spin-off book in recent years.

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