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Funny title out of the way, one of one of the perks of what I do is that I've made a few contacts over the years who can give me information early. For a year-ish now, I've been getting direct info a little in advance. If you're curious what's going to be announced tomorrow, it'll be in the spoiler tag. Play nice, don't go around screaming about it until tomorrow when they air it, please.



Joker before end of april in smash
trailer for bloodstained
lots of dragon quest and fire emblem (something about three houses in smash? [edit: i've been told this is a fire emblem thing] july 26th?) (2 new dragon quest games)
no echos in fighter pass
deltarune coming to switch
mortal kombat 11, though i think we already knew that one
unravel 2
ass creed 3
FF7 march 26
FF9 tomorrow
new game from creators of bayonetta, wonderful 101, zetman, nier automata...Astral Chain - from platinum games
Links Awakening Remake
Mario maker 2
5 minutes dedicated to Fire Emblem
More on Ultimate Alliance
More on Blockboy

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- deltarune yes day 1, need more of that

- links awakening remake would please so, so many

- new platinum games effort is overdue shit yes

- i think after splatoon 2, mario kart 8 etc we were all expecting a new mario maker rather than a port, makes sense

- haha bloodstained still isn't out yet, geez iga

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9 hours ago, Stilly said:
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Links Awakening Remake



I MEAN, FUCKING WHAT?! That's the game that got me into THAT SERIES way back when. I will buy this day one.



Also, any word on Persona ever making it to Switch?


So my source doesn't have that info yet, but in my years of following industry trends (because I find it fun, fuck me right?) -  I'f I'd have to make an educated guess, you'll hear something post Joker release in smash and it will piggyback on the rumors of the additional Persona 5 re-release+extra content that's been talked about here and there. Atlas is most likely putting the final touches on all the Catherine stuff now, and will push out the additional p5 stuff sometime after. 

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