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The trade of last year's biggest min-series finally came out - for those that didnt hear me rave about it before...

30 Days of Night is a horror graphic novel about a small Alaskan town that, between november and december, the sun does not rise for an entire month.

A clan of vampires decides to jump in on this, cut of the town's limited communication and have a frenzy, and its up to one small-town sheriff to protect what's left of his town. But can he keep his town - much less himself - alive until the sun rises again?

Written by Steve Niles (Hellspawn) and illustrated with chilling detail by Ben Templesmith, this one's so hot its alredy opted for a movie deal with Sam Rami at the helm, which earned Niles a cool million in the process - an amount unheard of amongst indie writers/artisits. It gained a lot of attention very quickly, Cliver Barker even jumped at the chance to do the intro.

Its a short, 3-issue trade that comes in around $18 but its really worth checking out if you wanna see cinematic influence on comics and vise versa; as Barker claims in the intro, this one contains some of the scary elements of classic horror films not seen in many movies these days, its really good shit.

Also, the next series, entitled "Dark Days", is said to be underway someitme in the near future.



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For a 3 shot Issue this was a really good comic. It did feel al little short, and the Art took some getting used to, but The story was great. I really didnt see the ending coming.


I can't wait to see this one as a movie, Its got great potential and the movie could flesh it out even more, and with the comic being only 3 issues they have plenty or artistic license to fill time and flesh out events.


This movie will Hardcore Rock.

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Trade's out, i wanna say its about $15 but might be 20...? Its short, but pretty good. If horror's not your thing, maybe not so much - the writer's a good friend of Clive Barker, as i understand - but the concept might make it interstin for ya, your call. Macabre (sp) story with fitting art, i thought.

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Hey hey now....no money, no cry....its on my list, if that helps! Send it my way, ill send it back with a review...

And if you do go with 30 Days, lemme know what ya think, id be lying if i said i knew what youd go for & what you wouldnt, but its a solid book, ya might dig it.

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nick just loaned me this because i'm apparently on a horror binge. the story did seem a bit short but i thought it was good. the art is creepy as fuck, especially that little girl. i'm interested to see how the movie adaptation is going to be for this. hopefully they can imitate the art as much as possible for the look of the vampires.

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Yeah, id have you read "Return to Barrow" if i can find it, but its sorta obligatory, heavy action and more to do with the vamps keeping their existence under wraps.


30 Days of Night in Space was as silly as it fucking sounded, i dont know why i thought otherwise.

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