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Steam Deck starts at $399, with increased storage options available for $529 and $649. Reservations open July 16th at 10 AM PDT; shipping is slated to start in December 2021.

Steam Deck details:

· Powerful, custom APU developed with AMD
· Optimized for hand-held gaming
· Full-sized controls
· 7" touchscreen
· WiFi and Bluetooth ready
· USB-C port for accessories
· microSD slot for storage expansion
· 3 different storage options available

Official website: www.steamdeck.com



so with nintendo & sony both out of the dedicated handheld lane, this is kinda interesting - had no idea valve was working on this, but the specs seem cool?  stick placement less so, but interested to see how this plays out.

aside: man, the pandemic sent handheld stuff through the roof, so this is some good timing

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Heard a rumor about this a few months ago when it was still called the "Steam Pal" and just thought it was one of those Valve projects that was tossed around and wasn't really going anywhere. The announcement absolutely blindsided me, and I got my reservation on one yesterday.


This thing is going to be the ultimate backlog clearer / emulation powerhouse for me

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so there's one thing about this that might put a damper on it for me.  it's been really cool to see a push for accessibility in recent years, but i can still look at font size/choices in things like disco elysium and see how that's gonna be a pain for me on a big screen, and entirely unplayable on anything smaller.


it's a quiet issue of mine with the switch - i've a sizeable JRPG backlog, but i can't play some of them for long due to the screen's size, which itself isn't bad but it's not like here on a browser where i can just increase the font size as needed.  granted, i understand why this isn't necessarily an option on the fly for every game - especially those with complex UI's - but i'm really hoping it's an issue more on the forefront going forward.  like, i can see loving audiosurf and casual stuff i adore on steam on something like this, but there's an awful lot of adventure/etc games that i don't think will work for me, sadly.

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Hopefully this will lead to (and I know this isn't a perfect solution, by any means, nor will it even be possible for a great # of games) a number of accessibility mods for just this reason. Just a wishlist thing for me so more people can enjoy it.

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All I know is that I can get 7 hours on battery while playing Persona 3 FES in PCSX2.


If we're being honest, I'm not going to get a good chance to play it fully portable until September when I'm flying to Denver. I got a dock and hooked it up to my TV immediately, and that's basically where it lives. I like being able to play my (immense) Steam library untethered to my PC, and I also enjoy being able to stream games from my PC to my TV in the other room.


It's basically a nice mashup of all the seemingly unrelated projected Valve has been working on for the last decade.

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