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Oasis Live

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I went to see Oasis there on wednesday just gone, having seen them last summer at Witnness (A big Irish Festival) i thought they were below average, and this being indoor, i figured i've give them another shot. So i bought a ticket. It was sold out in 30 mins according to some reports. 10,000 Irish Fans for Oasis, i had a good feeling about this one!


After being in the City Centre, and having a couple of pints of Stella :D me and my mate headed out to the Point. It was crazy we were 15 minutes q'in we went out at 8 and the doors opened at seven. We went in anyway. and some scouse band called the Bandits were supporting, sounded good, but since i hate scousers its irrelevant!


Well they finished, and a DJ was pumpin out cheesy shite, then the lights went out! Its about to happen! In the only way they know how, they walk on to fucking in the bushes, strobes going mad, the crowd going even more potty! This is it!



The opened up with a song from their first album (i was shocked) but it was "Bring it Down" and it was class! Thats it Oasis are back to their best.


I must point out that they didn't play anything off Be Here Now, or Standing on the Shoulders, this was all Definately Maybe, Whats the Story? and Heathen Chemistry. Off definately maybe they played Columbia, Bring it Down, Rock N Roll Starand Cigerettes & Alcohol.


Off Whats the Story they played everything that was good, except. Wonderwall,. Champagne Supernova for me was the song of the night, but needless to say everyone of them was class! They played a lot off the new album, including Hindu Times, Songbird, and Stop Crying Your Heart Out. they also played the other Liam penned songs, Born on a Different Cloud, and Better Man.


It was the best gig i've been at so far this year, Sorry KoS in my opinion they were better than Idlewild.


So if Oasis are playing near you soon, get the fuck out and see them!! 5/5 ***** !!!





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What are we expected to say? "Gosh SOF, you're so cool! You went to an Oasis concert, I wish I were you! Hey, fellow yanks, lets pull all our money together an comission a 30 ft marble statue of SOF to be built. It's have a plank at the bottom of it that says 'This guys saw Oasis'. It's be so cool. All hail the seer of Oasis and the bringer of the review of the concert. Praise SOF!"


I read your review, but frankly it didn't prompt any sort of conversation or response. But fine, here goes:


Oasis rock! :D :D


Is that what you wanted?

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SOF - i think your taste is pretty good. Techno songs youve recommended have been top notch, and your calls on Oasis, Verve, U2 etc - i cant argue with em. For as much shit as Oasis takes here sometimes id like to have seen em live.

I need to hear more of there stuff but my favorite song is still "D'yer wanna be a spaceman", short one but i really like it.

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Jax fuck you, i don't care, i just thought someone might;ve replied here thats all. don't need a sarcastic ass rapist like you to fucking preach at me!


IC, check out Definately Maybe, arguably the best debut album, by a british band in the 90s. They were good, really good, next time they're your way check em out

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