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:D Well, I've been thinking about doing this for while but I wanted some feedback first...So would guys like to play an anime like trivia game??? I love to play games, well at least the ones that make me think :thinking: those are always more fun...Well based on your feedback I'll let the Games begin :D !
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Umm..Ideas are always welcomed you know If anyone has any ideas on like what type of game or some rules that would be great  :D !!!

This anime Section needs something new and stuff so I thought a game might be fun...

I thought it would make it fair is if everyone that would like to participate would list what anime you've seen so that questions could be asked on something that you know about...


       :thinking: Start thinking...  :approve:

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Alright here it goes....I really don't want to start a game that no one would like to play so I take that irish i the only one that wants to play... :sneaky:


**Note** if anyone wants to challenge me or be challenged let me know for I will not lose or back down...For that is the of this code samurai...




Ready here is how it will work (I finally got an idea):


** Note- thier will be battle points awarded to all who enter the arena a total of 100 battle points......


1.All those that wish to be challenged (meaning you want to anwser Questions) will be Samurai and will start thier post as follows **Samurai**


2.All those that wish to be the challenger (mean you want to ask Questions) will be Ninja and will start thier post as follows **Ninja**


3.The name of Samurai being challenged shall also be at the start of the post like so - this is only an example if I were a ninja and ICB was a Samurai I would post like this its kinda easy:

**Ninja** ICB

       What is EVA Unit 01's Pilot's name?

A. Shinji

B. Misato

C. Rei

D. Asuka


4. The ninja must tell the samurai if the anwser is correct if it is incorrect you will lose battle 10 points and the ninja will gain them...


5.If you anwser correctly 10points will be added...


6.You may change from samurai to ninja but you will still remain with the same points that were either awarded or removed ...


7. Since we are all adults I will trust that you will keep your own scores and be honorable...you MUST post you score at the end of the post...for example:

**Ninja** ICB

       What is chagnes Ramna into a girl?

A. Hot Water

B. Cold Water

C. Being touched by the oppsite sex

D. Being touched by a Cat


                                       100 battle points


Here is how you win:

1. you must reach a total of 1000 battle points in order to win

2. If by some strange chance you manage to lose all you battle point you may regain 1/2 of your starting battle points by challenging a person with 110 points...


I thought it would be fun to have a theme kinda thing going on ever since I've seen samurai movies I thought they were cool so you get and besides it would anwser on of my all time question which is strong the ninja or the samurai? I was also thinking just to get the ball rollin' I will start off as a Ninja...Until I am challenged by someone.. :D

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Well since someone asked me a question I only think that it is fair that I get to ask one don't you think...

**Note read the rules if you think you can win...


**Ninja** This is for anyone that thinks they the anwser...


In the anime film Akira, the last event takes place where?


A. Lab


B. Stadium


C. Hospital


D. Mall

                                                100 Battle Points :hmph:

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Pretty thought out, Sango.  And ill double check but i think those names for the Kimon devils are right.  

*In the voice of Ross from friends* Challenge..accepted!


For Akira, I say B - Stadium

For Eva, uhm I think i say C - Rei

and for Ranma, i say B - Cold Water, tho i like option D, that's funny. :kitty:


Did i get em right/was i supposed to try all 3?  And as for code of the samurai, thought it was bushido, not "never losing!" But its the anime forum so i guess anythin goes. :wasabi:


..and for Sango:



What are the names of the 3 magi in Evangelion?

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Howdy there Sir! There are 8 DEVILS OF KIMON and there names are Gemma, Benisato, Mujuro, Mishizo, Shijima, Zakuro, Yukimara, Tessai...Is that correct???:wasabi: ::Sango Bows ::

You know, I have Ninja Scroll, and I've seen it a million times, but even though they say 8 devils, I always count 7. They alwasy talk about Gemma AND the 8 devils of kimon. Clarificaion would be nice. Anyway, I think none of you have seen City Hunter: The Motion Picture, but I have to stick to the small list of animes I've seens, so...: In the opening scene, what was the profession of all the hundreds of people chasing the main character in a mob-like fashion to collect money owed?

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Its been a while but I'm finally able to anwser and your questions ready...First of all i know that no one would obey the rules so I guess that "anything goes" right?

first of ICB:

For Akria the answer is Correct! ^ -^

For Eva the answer is A. Shinji

   **Shinji is the one that uses eva unit 01 Rei uses unit 00

and for the Ranma answer is Correct! ^-^

Hey two out of three ain't so bad.....that awesome! :wasabi:

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This looks like fun.




A. What was the first anime in Japan and america.


B. What was the name of the first remote control robot.


C. what was the first mech that needed a pilot in order to kick the crap out of evil.



Good luck with these questions people.

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easy question - all you anime freaks, give the newbies a chance....


Yoko Kanno, who is the mastermind of the blues music behind the cowboy bebop series is also known for arranging what other musical score?


medium question -


What was the defense system in robotech aka "macross" called where the operator needed to roll around a ball-like interface to position it correctly?


hard question -


what was the name of the dirty politician who hired Roy in akira?

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