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This is kinda like the sega thread but for Nintendo. You are able to post your faviorate game on any Nintendo system (1st, super, 64, and cube). I will take a few of everyones faviorate games and make a poll with them after a while.


One of the best Nintendo game ever would have to be American Gladiers. I could remember it like it was yesterday when I would play it. Where you have to joust, and everything. That game really rocked. But by far Duck Hunt was the greatest game ever one Nintendo. If only you were able to shoot the dog which everyone tried to do it. No lies.


There are two games that are close in the running for 64. Bond nad South Park racing. Both game no one could beat me when I was in my prime. Though my prime never went away while playing racing. Ask anyone who has came over no one has ever, ever beat me. The only one who has gotten even close to beating me wold have to be Thunder.


I havent played many game on the cube but Super Monkey Ball, and Smash Bros. I havent gotten much of a chance to play Smash that much but once I get started playing I just eat everyone up and turn them into eggs right off the side of the island :sly: . But as for Monkey Ball I seem to have the gift to whop everyones asses most of the time.


What are your faviorate Nintendo games?

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South Park Racing was one of those games that you nevr beat the poor kid whose stuck with that awful game at cause he plays it alla time...now mario kart, there's a racin game. Spiffy swears by Top Gear and Rock & Roll Racing for SNES as well.

You got whooped like all the rest at Bond...only one guy could beat me, and Chief knows him - woody's brother, that freak. Anyway, i reigned at that one.

my favorites:

NES - Contra, Mario 1-3, Zelda, Metroid, Golgo 13 (part 2 was cool too), Mega Man II, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!!, Manaic Mansion, Castelevania II, Metal Gear

runners up: Final Fantasy (hard), Track & Field II, Blades of Steel, Wizards & Warriors, too many too name.


SNES - Yahven says is best.."a system of classics".

Mario World, Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Contra III, Super Castlevania IV, more classic RPGs (i love you square) than anyone, Sim City, Mario Kart, Earthbound, Street Fighter II, Mario All-Stars, Super Punch-out, Zombies ate my Neighbors...too damn many.

runners up: Actraiser, Super R Type, i guess Smash TV tho i sucked at it, F-Zero but same deal, Donkey Kong Country, Battle Toads...christ id be here all night.


N64 - the Zeldas ruled, as did Mario 64. Still wanna play Paper Mario, but multi was its strength - Bond, Smash Bros, etc..im told Perfect Dark was amazing.


Now back over to my letter to nintendo thread.


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