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hype for 2023 gaming!


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so far for me:


theatrhythm: final bar line - 2/16

yakuza ishin - 2/21

REmake 4 - 3/24

mega man battle legacy network - 4/14

fight crab - 4/23

zelda: tears of the kingdom - 5/12

final fantasy xvi - 6/22

spider-man 2 - fall

advance wars reboot - haha we'll see


i'm sure i'm forgetting stuff, what's everyone else looking forward to?

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8 hours ago, Keth said:

Dead Space in like 2 weeks and the Final Fantasy pixel remasters coming to console will be great.


god how did i forget dead space remaster, yes


i may have caught the ps4 LE for pixel remaster and it's wayy too much but i have until july to sort that out sooooo


58 minutes ago, Stilly said:

Persona 3 on my steam deck in like two weeks


hell yes - and persona 2: eternal punishment got a fan translation recently, plus rumors circulating of a p3 remake - amazing year for persona fans, along with what i'm betting is a cool screen for part 6 (slated for 2026, releasing 2028 😥)

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3 hours ago, Visitant said:


I think that this might be the year I get a steam deck. I def want to have one before my trip to Japan in 2024. 

Highly recommend, especially since they're more available now. I've had mine since May and it's amazing when travelling

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