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"Hero" - Jet Li

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Read a some good things on this one...i didnt catch "The One" but im told it was alright, i understand some were dissapointed that Li opted to please his fans with it rather than go with the Matrix sequel...

Anyway, havent seen a trailer, dont know when its comin out etc, was too lazy to check IMDB.com so i thought id ask here...anyone know bout this one?

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did a little research on this one.... it's pretty much the next big movie from china, (if any) that will be released in america. it can be downloaded on kazaa, but without translation.


i have it dl, and it seems more epic in nature than cthd. unfortunately, i don't understand mandrian. think less fighting, more story, and nifty camera work.


note: it's the oscars that sparked my curiousity on this one.

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Ah, thanks Spiffy...yeah thats what i read, that its supposed to be epic & somewhat historic too, really curious. Anyone know when to expect it stateside?

Didnt know it had the chick from CTHD tho...you mean the young chick, not Michelle Yeoh, right?

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oh yeah... i knew off the bat.


here's a shocker. if you look carefully, an actore named tony leung is in it. quite a change from being the undercover in hard boiled? this time he's got a mustache and all.


the movie seems to be more of a epic war movie along with drama from some other characters. i don't wanna read too much into it, since i'm debating whether or not to get the import from ebay or wait and dl the subbed version.

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cooooooooool stuff. This was one beautiful movie. Insane fights, absolutely mindblowing visuals. God damn, this one was cool. Plot was great for a kung fu flick. Kept ya thinking, but not as strong as Crouching tiger's I dont think (we were comparing the two). Now that I know it's coming to theaters here, I wish I would have waited, but it was very cool. I suggest if you haven't seen it yet, wait for it on the big screen, I can't wait to see it in theaters. Oh, and I'd better not hear people bitching because people can fly. I know this movie is gonna take all kinds of shit for the same reason Crouching tiger did. It's especially rediculous coming out of people who probably loved X2 and the Matrix. This movie doesnt go for realism in any way shape or form so don't expect it. But damn it was COOL.

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