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Oh my God you killed Everyone.

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They showed all the Indiana Jones movies the other week and for the first time (maybe it was the cheeba) I noticed how many people our hero killed. I mean, fuck, he killed a coupla hundred people. The guy is one of the movies greatest and un-acknowledged serial-killers. I know (insert Arnie voice here) "They were all bad" but come on....


The Last Crusade sticks out the most. He fucks a nazi under a tank. Suprisingly he didn't steal his uniform though (another thing that seemed to happen quite alot). I wonder if Senior Spielbergo, he who replaced guns with walkie talkies, will make a nicer Indy in Part IV, if it ever happens. Maybe he'll only kill 28 or 29 people...

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Michael Moore wrote that in his movie, Roger & Me (which I have yet to see), he has a scene in which a woman clubs a little white bunny to death so she can sell it for meat instead of as a pet, followed just minutes later by a scene in which a black man is gunned down. The MPAA and everyone who saw the movie only complained about the bunny. He has yet (at the time he wrote this) to hear one person approach him and tell him that they were disturbed by seeing a black man gunned down. If he had removed the bunny scene, he would have gotten an R rating. The black man scene was irrelevant.

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