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The New Willy Wonka

Who should play the next Willy Wonka?  

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As we've mentioned before, it looks like Tim Burton is going to be helming a new film adaption of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. One of the biggest questions, of course, is who are they going to get to play Willy Wonka? And can they possibly find someone to do a better job than Gene Wilder.


IMDb ran a poll on this, today, so I'd thought I'd bring the question to you guys. They had some interesting choices. I had to leave out a few of what I thought were the least likely ones (Ewan McGregor? Owen Wilson? Chris Rock?!) but most of them are up there. So who do you guys think?

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Does Tim Burton even do live action movies without Johnny Deep or Michael Keaton?


But seriously, anyone who saw Spy Kids can tell you that Alan Cummings as Flub is all the proof you need to know Alan Cummings could be awesoem as Wonka. They again, I do think Johnny Deep is the most versatille actor currently acting in Hollywood. Serious, he can play anyone believably. Anyone.

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Alan Cumming. He has the same quirkiness that Wilder possessed in the original. Are they going to have whack musical numbers in this one too? Or is this one supposed to stick to the dark humor of Roald Dahl? That would be cool. Everytime they make a movie out of one of his books 1) IT'S NEVER BRITISH!!! The closest they came was The Witches, but they made the lead kid AMERICAN! and 2) Roald Dahl made some pretty disgusting characters, and the movies always make life a little too lighthearted. Never creepy enough.


I wish they'd make a movie of The BFG...

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Actually, it seems to be a toss-up between Michael Keaton and Christopher Walken. Both are supposedly interested in the role. If those are the choice, I'd go for Keaton, myself. With Tim Burton directing, I'm surprised Depp's name hasn't been mentioned, though.

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Well, Burton has direct Keaton and Deep 3 times each in starring roles (I don't know if they've made cameos in any of the movie in which they aren't the star). This would make Keaton the one most directed by Burton, which is funny, seeing as Deep seems like the acor more tailor made for Burton's direction.

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