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Auto Modellista game preview


Another preview


This one's for Timbo.  Capcom must be tired of Sony running around with the greatest race game of all time, GT3.  The game looks sweet so far, and I'm happy that Capcom's focusing in on the one aspect that GT3 didn't do so well at... customization.  GT3 had the engine mods & the suspension & such... but left out the player who wanted to decorate the car in new ways & make it look meaner (other than rims).


Here's hoping it doesn't suck

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Well, here's the deal.  The graphics are CEL.  They kinda look 2D when you get them in a still shot.  But actually, the dimensions are apparent when you play the game.  Plus, Capcom went all out on another detail that GT3 missed on... EFFECTS... explosions, dents, skid marks, smoke, stuff like that.  GT3 was high on car & track detail but low on indirect details.

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Hmm...thats another topic i wanted to get goin here sometime, what everyone thinks of Cel shading.

Folks loved it in Jet Grind Radio for Dreamcast & this X-box game i played at Best Buy, but hate it in Zelda for Gamecube.  It's an interestin form of animation.

As for the detail, thats cool, things like that help make the game to many people.  But i thought GT3 had a lotta customization optinos, youre tellin me ya couldnt tag up your car in that one? I handnt tried to be honest, assumed it was there.

...can you get Daytons?

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Nah dog... GT3 won't let you put Dayton's on Vogues... what a piece of shit.


Actually, sad to say, the majority of the taggin' up you could do in GT3 was engine work & suspension.  You could make your car ride lower, although you had to drop it to the floor to really notice it.  Paint jobs are chosen when you buy the car and you're stuck with them... and they took out the best feature.  You used to be able to snap a racing body with full gear & spoilers & paint on almost every car.  Now, none except the designated GT cars have them

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Auto Modellista has been out for awhile, however, i haven't heard from anyone about how it is. i'm sure i'm not the only one looking to see some opinions.


ps. to those who don't own ps2, this title will be released for gc and xbox sometime in oct, so i hear.


here's some pics:







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