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40 Days & 40 Nights

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Since I'm the moderator of this forum I think I should make a new topic for every movie I see.  Well the latest one was of course 40 Days and 40 Nights.


 Right off the bat...Guys there's a lot of nudity in this film meaning T&A and mainly just girls too so if you're looking for a reason there you go.   :0


 The plot wasn't the best but it was cute nonetheless.  Girls can drool over Josh Hartnett and questioin why we can't find good looking men to treat us good.    I don't recommend it to anyone that's looking for a meaningful movie...but if you are looking for a good laugh then go for it.

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I just got back from seeing that with some people, and I agree, while nothing extremely special, it was pretty funny. Directed by the same guy who did "Heathers," a very damned fine movie.  Glad it didn't go the route of most comedies and try for a PG-13 cause then it woulda sucked.  I think this one and super troopers are the only comedies out now, I saw that one a little while back, it was pretty funny too, but again, nothing special.  Only movies I really like out now are either depressing (monster's ball, in the bedroom) or violent as all hell (we were soldiers, black hawk down) Amelie and Royal tenebaums are out of theaters for the most part now (hyped em up and nobody saw em... there's always video ??? ) so if you want the funny, these new ones are alright to tide you over.

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Yeah, I pretty much agree with everyone else. It was an alright flick, nothing special, and the plot was stinky. :ill: Hmm.. How to talk about this without giving anything away... Well, It just got worse the closer it got to the end.  :wary:

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