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Review of your favoirate movie

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The most recent movie I saw in movie theaters was Behind Enemy Lines. I give it two thumbs up, if you like action movies you should go see this. As for my faviorate movie is Peral Harbor i saw that last night. It was a very good movie. As for the history lessons you get from it they are great. They added a few lines so they wont offend Japan. I give it 2 thumbs up.

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Last movie I saw was spy game... ugh, Pitt broke his good movie streak with that one IMO.  Some parts were alright but it was just boring, and they had a cameraman with parkinsons or something, they kept doing that whole spin the camera in fast motion thing.  The guy picks up a pen and they do a bullet time shot of it...  A few recomended movies:


Dark City - Sci-fi noir, good stuff, from Alex proyas, he who made the GOOD crow


Being John Malchovich - one of the most creative movies you'll find


Monty Python's Life of Brian - You've all seen holy grail, this one's worth it just for the ending.


Almost Famous - Gladiator was a cool action movie, but this so deserved to win the Oscar last year it's not even funny.


King of Comedy - Scorsese movie that more people should know about.


Shawshank Redemption - If you havent seen this, kill yourself.


Well, thats my 2 cents, I couldn't recommend these more highly.

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damn, Imam kept pushin Almost famous too, gonna have to see that one.

Cant believe there's a Sorcese one i aint heard of - King of Comedy? Any details?

Thinkin bout goin to see Ocean 11 this week, heard it was cool.  Cant be too bad, havin Pitt, Damon an others in it.

Last movies i saw that i really, really enjoyed were:

Fight Club: If you didnt like this one, we probably woulndt get along well.  If you stereotyped it as a "guy beat em up" flick, please, stop consuming.  Youre the one who's puttin Britney Spears and N-Sync on the top of the charts, you fuck.

Brazil - Been compared to Clockwork Orange, but i think it one ups it in every way.  Terry Gilliian's more well known for the amazing 12 Monkeys, but this one is his best, by far.  Check out De Niro as a rogue electrician.

Patton - damn.  What else has George C Scott done? This and Dr Strangelove made me really wanna see more of the guy.


More movie recommendations to come.

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As for king of comedy, well, imagine Taxi driver.... just... funnier...  Deniro is an aspiring insane comedian.  Has Jerry Lewis playing one of his only kind of serious parts ever.  Its a pretty weird, but great dark comedy.  Agree completely on Brazil by the way, one of my favorites too.

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I agree, rushmore absolutely rocked, so did bottle rocket, another movie by the same director, you should check that out if you liked Rushmore.  As for Planet of the Apes, you'll like it if you expect little from it.  It's pretty funny at points and its visually friggin incredible.  Look for Charlton Heston giving the characters a gun at one point.  Good, entertaining movie that gets blasted too much for not being the first one.

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:blush: well i'm not reviewing my favorite movie but i rather suggest what would be a great movie. one with action

suspence, action, sex, action, and a lot of








yeah baby


you guessed it contra. i love contra, and contra parapaneila, which makes me wonder why don't we have any contra avatars.  


:angry: well here's hoping eh.

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1. the man who would be king - ( little know connery flick about following in the footsteps of alexander the great)

2. The name of the rose - (anothers little known connery flick about logic and deduction vs faith and superstition)

3.apocaplypse now (best vietnam movie)

4. momento (more creative and imagnative than even being john malkovitch)

5. patton (the ultimate war movie& george c scott's defining role)

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