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For starters, the special edition of Pulp Fiction - long overdue, that barebones one sucked ass - is scheduled for August 20th according to Amazon.com.  Same date for Jackie Brown, i believe.



Memento speical edition looks like it has come cool extras as well, check it out here at DVD Shrine.com

Uhm...a Rambo box set onna way, take a look...

Uh...Resident Evil looks like its gettin a good release...uhm, runnin low here...right!


All you John Wayne fans out there, i know how you feel - where the fuck are the rest of the classics? Hondo, Big Jake, Chisum, Cahill: United States Marshall, Rio Lobo, etc?  Bad enough Fonda's classic The Ox Bow Incident is nowhere to be seen, to boot.

Fear not! While those greats are still looming and !@#$in no one's respondin to my emails to those with the rights to such fine films, the good news is that the last of Ford's classic cavalry trilogy - She Wore a Yellow Ribbon - will finally see releae the 4th of June, woo hoo! While I'm not sure if i liked it more than The Horse Soldiers, i still feel it was better than Rio Grande, despite the critics.  Regardless, such a debate should not sepearte us, to each their own - now, the way i plan it, we can get Junker & a few others to drive us to Best Buy on the 4th, but I'm afraid the overwhelming number of us Duke fans might require at least 2 trips, or one of us picking up multiple copes, ill devise a more intricate system between now & then.  Meantime, mark your calendars! Im sure I'm not the only one who cares about this! :D :D ....

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Very well.  I'm puttin :kitty: down for a copy, who else is with me? Cmon, The Duke in his prime, classic John Ford, the way you folks demanded it!  Ill take your silence that you have your own rides to Best Buy that day.


Alright, few more release dates: Sopranos: The Complete Third Season finally makes it out August 27th, so local Sopranos fans can expect a big day or two long fest of catchin up, courtesy of bacchus, most likely.  If youre not watchin this show, youre really missin out.




The Simpsons - Season Two comes out August 6th, still around $30/35, so its a great deal.  Season 3 isnt dated yet as far as i can see.

And finally, for Yahven, Sex in the City: Season 3 is out as of a few days back, i think.  More relevant release dates as I come across em.

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Is it really appropriate to call Irish Cowboy just :D ? What if another cowboy comes along. then we'll be forced to change our ways and break our habits. Screw that! I'm calling him :irish: :D from now on! Just hope nobody named 'Quickdrawin Leprechaun' joins up. That would make a mockery of my whole effort :D


Anyway, I've said it before, but it's important: If you want a special edition LOTR DVD, DON"T BUY THE 2 DISC SET! WAIT A FEW MONTHS FOR THE 4 DISC SET! That's the special edition (with over 30 minutes of footage put back into the film). Also, it's you're waiting for the SW trilogy on DVD, then you must know how the Jews feel waiting for a messiah (still no word on it! Damn you Lucas! ).

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