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I saw this one by randomly clicking diffrent things on Casters realm. It looks really cool! There's diffrent race classes (Like the Wookie, Human, the guy with two tentacles on his head, sorry no Yodas tho..) Of couse you can follow the path of the Jedi, then continue on the path of the Jedi, or fall and become a Dark Jedi (Souds Eeeevil to me.. :D  ) I likes what I see so far, and I even signed up for Beta Testing Which you can do here.


You can also build your own house, and shop, and hire an NPC to run it. The graphics look really cool. I'll have to upgrade my memory first definitely. (At least.)


Well... Go have a look for yourselves.


Official Site


Casters Realm

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Good game this will be, yes, mmm! Strong with the force it is! However, offended am I that a choice my race is not. Lucas tests me. Anger he wants in me. Lead me to the dark side he tries. :plain:

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Star Wars Galaxies Official Site

Star Wars Caster's Realm

Allakhazam.com : Star Wars Galaxies


The graphics are more impressive, and the game play is, in my humble opinion, even better.


Instead of the usual "leveling up", like, from level 10 to 11, you move up a skill tree, depending on what profession you pick at the start. The trees consist of 4 columns of 4, and then mastery of your profession. However, also once you've mastered a column, you can also specialize in that column, with another skill tree.


For example:


A character I'm working on is a Novice Brawler. Brawlers are close range fighters with un-armed, 1 hand, 2 hand, and another type of fighting that I can't remember right now. Once I get to level 4 2 hand, I can begin Swordfighting skill tree, which is prefecting my 2 hand melee fighting.


The interesting thing in all of this is that eventually You can become a Jedi However, this path is very difficult and mysterious. You essentially have to master enough things with your character to open a Force Sensitive Character Slot. Having done this, from my understanding, you have to start all over with this character, however they have a Jedi Skill tree. You basically train all the way through the Padawon phase, then decide to follow the Light or Dark path of the Force. You can also make your own custom lightsaber, and even the double saber of Darth Maul after you master some skills. The game only recently has begun to have Jedi appear after 6 months of being on the market, however now that people are learning more and more about how to unlock their FSCS, It becomes quicker for new players who are joining.


A very interesting game indeed! However, the part I really like is that I am finding it is easier to pull myself away when I need to!

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Well, folks this game just got even better!!!


With the release of the first Expansion Pack: Jump to Lightspeed, you can now fly your very own space craft! You get one free when you start training the skill. The ship you get depends on who you're flying for.


I'm an Imperial, so I got a TIE fighter!


Rebels get X-Wings and such.


Neutrals get ships like the Millenium Falcon, and Boba Fett's Ship.


(Though it's kinda pointless in my opinion to be neutral...)


Also getting your Jedi just got a heck of alot easier - In the past you had to find these ultra-rare holocrons that gave you clues at to what skill trees you had to master to unlock your Jedi Slot.


Now - Still no cake walk, but much more possible. You have to complete a bunch of the hardest missions from certain NPCs.




NOTE - Look up the 10 day free trial! You can try Galaxies for free with the Expansion Pack. Seriously, they don't even ask for a credit card or anything!!!

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