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Ok, so all i learned last time was that this existed, and some big names came on it, such as its host, whom im told is Mos Def, which really impressed me.


A while back, Kee & Chiefy were talkin about a piece they saw on it, and one of them posted it - just wanted to see if anyone here could recommend a piece, had it on disc, or knew of sites & such...

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Ok, so i got to try out a few episodes from suprnova.org - holy shit, was this refreshing.

That was the most insightful, moving shit ive come across in a long time. If weather permits, i hope to stop off by Best Buy tomorrow to pick up the box set of season 1, i was that impressed with it.


From "intellectual MC's:"


"My aim is to pimp pages, turn metaphors into better whores to serve sages,

Like Socrates and Plato, while you on tiddly-winks and playdoh; you think that’ll play, though?"


I just cant believe its 4 seasons in before i learned about it. As if Mos Def freestyling wasnt enough, its hard to point out the weak act in the entire show.

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Man. "What are you dying for?", "Multi-tasking" (on parenting), and so many of these moved me. Feminism, civil rights, everything down to constipation are fair game...im surprised it took so long to come to something like this, but im very glad its here, and would love to see some of this live.

The celebriteis so far have been cool...Mos drops freestyles, Kanye West was alright, and KRS-1 with Doug E. Fresh was impressive too. Common has to be here soemewhere.

On that note, the season 1 DVD is apparently $15, and ill have it soon if any other locals wanna catch it.

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Oh, you actually did it? That's really cool of you LL, thanks!


So, i picked up the DVD today at best buy for $15. It's made on the cheap, you can tell of the bat, but the only really sucky thing is that while it may very well be the whole of season 1, its only 4 episodes (120 minutes total). There werent as many acts i was feeling, personally, and it mightve been that the source material - feminism, identity politics, etc - was covered more than usual in some of them. There were, of course, acts that really hit me & made it well worth the price of admission..this one palestinan girl that wasnt so hot in a later session, she dropped this one about arabs & america post 9-11 that was deep, really great perspective.


It doesnt look like it was a very large release, and that's a shame..the price was good, but idve gladly paid $30-40 for more material, here's to hoping to see more of it collected. If not, i'm gonna try to see what i can find online and put it together myself, because if even one of these poets hits a certain level with me, per session, it feels worth it.

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Season 2 - as well as some other version of the show for broadway? - are out, and this one's $15 as well. Soon as i come up with it, ill pick it up & post on it here, looking forward to this one....Season 1 was kinda slow, but the stuff ive seen from 4 is amazing, so it looks as tho they improve acts as they go, along with guest artists.

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ive long since accepted this show's not for everybody - politically, you really have to be able to set your views aside, as much of the lefter end of the spectrum is addressed to varying ends - and even then, its hit or miss, but when its on, its one of my favorite things. still havent gotten through season 4, but i wanted to do so soon. meantime, here's some highlights with more famous names, to see what any of you think.


KRS-1 + Doug E. Fresh - "2nd Quarter free throws"



Tracey Jordan - "feeling fucked up" by Etheridge Knight



more favorites to come.

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I'm a little steamed that the video I posted last was taken down. I don't remember what it was, but it was definitely Def and it was definitely awesome, or I wouldn't have posted it.


So we have 5 poetry threads here: One that seems to be a "whatcha like?" thread, one for our poems we wrote, one for songwriting, one for some gibberish 9 years ago that no one replied to, and this one.


This is the only one with videos in it. So since it averages one post every 9 months, I'm gonna just use it as a "Spoken Word" thread and put these here for now, despite the clear lack of Defosity.

I was doing my usual routine of laughing at horrible things and I stumbled across these. I wanted to share them somewhere.


Special Poetry Slam - Bears and my BODY


Somebody must be cutting onions in here or somethin.


Special Poetry Slam - Life In Drag


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