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  • 1 year later...

So Green Day had the balls to release a punk album with two songs that clocked in at over 9 minutes, and now they had the balls to released one of them (Jesus of Suburbia) as their fifth single of that album. Yes, it was edited down to between 6 and 7 minutes, but that's still ballsy in the current Top 40 culture, and this week it cracked into the Top 40 at #37. Good for them. It's my favorite song on teh album and I just finished watching the vieo. Green Day has also released a video to the long version, which I am downloading now and haven't seen.


Anyone else seen it? Thoughts? I don't give a damn how popular Green Day and this album become, I still love them and this album. Pop music rarely sees just ballsy quality music. They oughta milk it for the good of the music scene.

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I'm boycotting the bastards. The whole lookout! records pull-out fiasco is fucking bullshit. I guess they're just not making enough money. They said that Lookout! were behind on payments, which was agreed with by record company boss Chris Applegreen, but so fucking what. The money that Lookout! was making was basically a pittance compared to what they're making off American Idiot. Also I notice that since they've taken back control of their pre-Reprise back catalog they've started to play older songs. All the times I've seen them I've pined to hear "2,000 Light Years Away", "Christie Road", "Going to Pasalaqua"...fuck any old track live. Didn't happen though. Seem to have remembered these songs all of a sudden.


I also notice that in all the pieces about them in the mainstream press as of late (most recently the Rolling Stone with Armstrong on the cover) there's been no mention of "39/Smooth". For my money that disc is one of the greatest pop-punk records ever. It's on a par with The Undertones s/t and "Another Music In A Different Kitchen" by the Buzzcocks. Yeah, it's rusty and you can tell it's just a bunch of 16 year olds, but I'll be damned if they're not the most talented bunch you've heard.


Once the make-up came on it started to go downhill. They've always had good videos and I thought that "American Idiot" was just a crud-up, but no the videos for all the singles from the album have eaten cock of the hardest variety. The "Jesus of Suburbia" video is asscake. Fuck Green Day, says this nasty innernet ranter.


Lookout! has had to lose 2/3rds of it's staff and stop any new releases for the forseable future because of the pull-out. I just hope that Ted Leo doesn't jump ship anytime soon.....



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What a cock-gobbler you are 2track. The album is good and you know it, you said you liked it when it came out, now you're boycotting them cause you feel they pulled some shit to get the rights to their old music? And becuse of that Lookout is hurting? If a record company goes under on account of losing it's rights to music over a decade old, they haven't been doing thier job: scouting for good talent and finding a way to sell the records they make. Some many times great records go completely unheard, and it's teh record company'f fault for not doing their job of marketing it.


And since then, I have seen live videos of songs off Kerplunk posted on Greenday.com. If they're not playing them live, fuck man, it's their choice, they have like a 100 song catalog. They play what get a live audience worked up so they can have the blast they payed to have, and with most people in a crowd, it's gonna be post-Dookie material that does it for them.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I heard Jesus of suburbia on the radio the other day and they played the full unedited 9 minute version, I still haven't seen the video, it'll be interesting to hear what they cut out.


As far as lookout! goes, there are these things called royalties, and you've got to pay them to the fucking bands that wrote and performed the songs. It's a fact of life. Lookout! has screwed over screaching weasel too, and they're also pulling out. Also, no amount of business bullshit news stories is gonna make American Idiot sound any different. Billy Joe could kill a baby tomorrow and the album would still sound great.

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Yipes, so much bad blood. If I was pissed that Green Day were trendy I guess I'm...ohhhh...10 years too late. Pissed that they're on a major? Nah. That wouldn't really make sense now, would it? Hey, the greatest punk band ever (that's spelled R.A.M.O.N.E.S. for all you keeping score at home) were on a major. Fuck, of the original wave who weren't? Also I doubt that "39/Smooth" and "Kerplunk!" will be re-released by way of Reprise. More than likely Adeline will handle that chore, not that I care that much. I still have my Lookout! prints and that'll be good enough for me.


The split with Lookout! doesn't sit well with me because that's the roots. How many other bands were subsequesnly launched because of the power of Green Day? In my youth I picked up a rake of records on the power that they were Lookout! releases, be it Screeching Weasel, MTX, (Young) Pioneers, The Smugglers, The Groovie Ghoulies....the list is endless.


I can see why alot of the bands that came by there might be pissed. Chris Applegreen himself has admitted that they had no idea what they were doing marketing-wise (which was where the majority of their money was lost). Did they really need to push the Donnas as much as they did? Was a free condom a great idea when it came to promoting Pansy Division? There were loads of ideas that were pretty dumb.


Junker mentions Screeching Weasel, and don't get me wrong 'cause I love 'em. Fuck, I even own both of Ben Weasel's books and go to his blog everyday (though he never freakin' updates it) but the man is a bit of a drama queen. He complains that Lookout! screwed him over but somehow always fails to mention the rediculous amount of money that they bought his Panic Button imprint for. Certainly enough to keep him in Bud and smokes for many years to come. If not for his band's association with Lookout! would he even have two books or the custom guitarpunk Weaselrite? Answer: No.


In fact if he was so pissed with Lookout! why did he go back to them to make the last Weasel LP ("Teen Punks in Heat") and solo record "Fidatevi" after the time he spent at Fat Wreck Chords? If there were so much bad blood between the two would he have, or was it just more in the "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Punk" spiels he's been weaving for years? "Fuck Maximumrocknroll", says Weasel....oh, look three months later a new BW coloum!


If, after they had signed to Reprise and hit it big with "Longview", Green Day took their back-catalog to their new home how do you reckon 90% of the Lookout! artists would've fared? I'd say like the label is now. On the way down. The royalties that they didn't get (and yes, they did get royalties, just not that much, again due to most of the Green Day money being reinvested in new bands, and sadly too much promotion) is a pittance compared to what they're getting now. Fuck, even at what seemed like their lowest ebb with the futility and critical-slaying of their sophomore-major label effort "Insomniac", they were still happilly rolling along....money-wise anyways.


I see Green Day jumping ship not as taking money out of Lookout!'s pockets, but rather the pockets of the band who could be the next Green Day, and the other little guys that try to be.


"There comes a time where you're like, 'Okay, how long do you want to support your record label?'"

- Mike Dirnt


As for lack of new talent, something that Jax brought up earlier, just cause there's talent doens't mean there'll be steller sales...at least not with Green Day numbers. A band like that only comes along so often. They will be soon as revered as the Stones. Fuck, they'll probably last as long, but anyways Lookout! currently has Ted Leo on their roster, who sells pretty good and is a great fucking artist. He's cranked out three albums (with the Pharmascists) and it looks like will make many more for the failing label. Fuck, he's even reinvested some of his royalties in an effort to keep them afloat.


"They have really, really, really made me feel just absolutely great about working with them, for years. And if this hadn't happened, even without a contract, I would've continued to work with them."

- Ted Leo


I'm not seeing Ted Leo at the Grammy's or the MTV Awards or the VH1 Big in '06 awards or the opening of any fucking envelope there is so I'm guessing his not raking in the "American Idiot" dough. I'll be damed if his last record isn't ten times better than it though. His punk rock politics is Strummer and Bragg.


I'm by no means saying "American Idiot" is a weak record. Maybe I'll revisit in a few years and enjoy it, but as for now it's been over-played and over-praised while Green Day have become overindulgent, eye-liner and all. It's like that song "Stan" by Eminem. I remember the first time I heard that was from a friend of mine who worked at Tower Records who had the "Marshall Mathers LP" before it's street date. That imediatly struck me as a great fucking song, the best that Eminem (an artist whom I must admit, I'm not that much of a fan of) had ever done. Then come Christmas time and alls I hear is that fucking song everywhere I go. It gets to the point where I get angry it pisses me off so much (Tu, recently during a phone call laughed at the fact that I get so emotional about movies, music etc., guess it's a qwirk) I go borderline crazy.


Let me add I never thought "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" was a good song..... :)


God bless 'em for what their doing, fuck, their live shows have been some of the best I've ever seen, but it's never gonna sit right with me what they did. Let's hope some kids who just got into them pick up whatever Lookout! pressings are left in the stores and maybe pick up an MTX record or something by The Smugglers. It just saddens me to think that they could be at the end of their days.


I wonder, if all this screwing was happening why Tim Armstrong, Brett Reed, Dave Mello and Jesse Michaels never took the Operation Ivy record and EP back?


My favorite Bay Area asshole, Tim Yohannen is probably up in heaven chuckling at the whole thing.

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