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First of all, of course we get them first! We make them. Once the Uk becomes the premiere nation in movie making, you'll get all the movies first too!

Second of all, what do you except us to do? Oh, we've got movies, but other people haven't seen them yet. Better keep quiet about them until everyone sees them. (What a relief after thirty years to finally be able to talk about A Clockwork Orange! Phew!)

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I'll do ya one better, unless they live in the capital (hour and a half away from where my family lives) Cuba wont get it in their theaters till it's out on video, and it'll be dubbed in spanish so poorly that you can understand the language all you want, you ain't hearing half of what they say!  Poor bastards, then again, their theaters do have this cool thing where you buy peanuts in a paper cone instead of popcorn, I loved that for some reason.

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The Japanese Pearl Harbor was just made more "sensitive". Instead of the Japanese commander saying something like "We must attack first completely unprovoked to win this war!" he said something like "Attacking is clearly the only option he have for survival". Didn't like that movie anyway. Maybe I'm being naive, but I think that not getting spider-man in their theaters for several months is not my biggest concern for the Cuba people. I think any relatives I have left in Cuba are in prison or something.

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