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Argh...been slacking in Moderator duties.  Junker seems to claim movies all for himself lately.  Well here's my rebuttal.  I finally watched the long recommended Sleepers and I was really impressed.  I really love Robert Deniro and Brad Pitt in this movie.  I feel like such a dork for putting off this movie for so long.  What do you all think about the movie?  I know it came out a long time ago, but I think it was a damn fine movie for it's time.  Second parter here...if you watched the new Count of Monte Cristo with Guy Pierce which movie did you like better.  I know bacchus will probably say Sleepers was better cause he didn't think the actor of the count could pull off the revenge bit.  Well here's space for you express your opinions.





I really love how Pitt and the boys got revenge on Bacon's character.  Did anyone else but me notice that one of the witnesses was none other than Janice Soprano  My question is was this suppose to be like a modern day Count of Monte Cristo?  Because I think it was excellent.  I was freaked out at certain moments, but that's hell's Kitchen for you.  Where's the Punisher when you need him? :D

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That's one of the best revenge films ive seen.

Ill wait to see the new Monte Cristo before i comment tho, Im curious bout Guy Pierce since Momento.

I still think the fact that movie had so many stars in it is pivotal to the six degrees of Kevin Bacon...you mustve liked De Niro as the priest.

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Yeah, Sleepers was great, saw it a LONG time ago tho.  Haven't seen it since it was out in theaters, so I don't remember much other than it had every actor I've ever heard off (Pitt, Deniro, bacon, Hoffman, oh my)


Haven't seen the new count movie, due to BAD advertising (same thing that killed sega I tell ya) so I can't say which is better, but even though the new monte cristo is supposed to be good, I don't think it could compare to Sleepers.

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