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Of course by now if you've seen my user icon and sig... haha you know that I'm obsessed with this lady. And I have been ever since Under The Pink was released.

So tell me!:


What's your favorite:


- Song:

- Cover song:

- Bee side:

- Single re-mix:

- Album

- Album art:

- "era":




Mine are:


- Song: Cornflake Girl

- Cover song: Heart of Gold (Neil Young) & Only Women Bleed (Alice Cooper)

- Bee side: Honey

- Single re-mix: Raspberry Swirl (Scarlet Spectrun Feels)

- Album It varies... but at the moment Boys for Pele

- Album art: From the Choirgirl Hotel has some hot art.

- "era": To Venus and back as well as Choirgirl. But you can't forget your plain piano, so Under The Pink and Little Earthquaks (god, every era is my favorite!)


ok, after making a fool out of myself, post your answers! :D

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This February Tori Amos will unveil two exciting projects -- a new CD entitled The Beekeeper (in stores February 22) and her first book, Tori Amos: Piece by Piece, co-written with journalist Ann Powers.


Currently, Tori is putting the finishing touches on The Beekeeper, which she's recording and self-producing in her UK studio Martian Engineering. On songs like "Sweet the Sting," "Sleeps with Butterflies," and "Ribbons Undone," Tori incorporates vintage organs, Afro-Cuban drums and Gospel choirs, working once again with longtime partners, drummer Matt Chamberlain and bassist Jon Evans.


"The Beekeeper is musically inspired by the fact that the piano has realized that she has an organ - with my right hand on her organ and my left hand on her piano keys, I have been changed by the relationship between these two beautiful creatures, the Bosendorfer piano and the B3 Hammond organ."


In the book Tori Amos: Piece by Piececo-penned with writer Ann Powers, the usually private Tori gives a rare inside look into many intimacies of her life as both a private individual and a very public performing musician. The book, published by Broadway Books (a division of Random House), will be released on February 8th. On Thursday, February 24, Tori and Ann will make a special appearance at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.



It's holiday time. During the months of November and December Tori Store

customers will have the chance to take care of all of their holiday shopping

needs. We've put together several Holiday Packages which include various

items from the Store which have been bundled together and priced at a

discounted rate. Check out the Holiday section of the Tori Store web site

for more information. Also, during November and December you have the

option of having any of your purchases gift wrapped at no additional cost.

The Tori Store: http://store.tbentgroup.com







Tori Amos dot com

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The book is out! and album comes out Feb. 22nd!!! I haven't gotten the book yet, but I'm going to soon.

I pre-ordered the album already, so should be getting that soon... and The Hard Rock Cafe here in Dallas is having a presale party Feb. 21st from 8 to midnight. Prizes shall be given out! and it shall be grand fun!


ooooh so excited! Also tentative tour dates have been released on THE DENT, Including Dallas on April 17th. It's going to be a solo tour like SLG's Strange Little Tour, so you can expect a lot of cool shit to go down.



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...is it true she got a restraining order slapped on her by Reznor? What about the mutlipe date rapes, is that hype too?


Also, this is funny cause i was just listening to "Blue Skies" mixed by Rabbit in the Moon when i found this thread.

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...is it true she got a restraining order slapped on her by Reznor?  What about the mutlipe date rapes, is that hype too?



...I have no idea! I'll have to research this! They were friends though! aaack.

and what about date rapes? She was raped at the beginning of her career when she gave a fan a ride home from a show. (see R.A.I.N.N., & Me and a Gun.)


EDIT I have yet to find information about that whole restraining order bit. Was that a joke, or for real?! aaaaah you know not to do this to me Nick! hahahaha. Where did you hear of this though?? I am very curious now.

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Hah....i should just make em up.


They prolly are tho; Tori fan from back inna day told me this stuff, but it might be right up there with "omg i hurrd Manson got ribs removed to suck his own dixxorz!!1"


Just that your cornflake girl got a bit obcessive with trent, and that he either filed or threatened to file a restraining order (dont know how much truth there was to it, again), and that she'd be date raped more than once....fuckin horrible.


Im gonna go listen to "talula" now.

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HAHAHAH oh man, don't make fun of me, but....:

"never was a cornflake girl

hangin' with the raisin girls"



and I hope there's not truth to that I would be very very sad if there was... Reznor is the shit.


and yeah, I remember those rumors about Manson.

He's a cool cat. Mainly because he gets most of his clothes/costume/makeup inspiration from Visual Kei.


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Yeah I just saw the video for "Sleeps with Butterflies" and it's a really nice video!! Tori looks amazing and it's such a nice song... I hope my boyfriend gets for me for our anniversary.. (hint hint: Iso if you read this)



I haven't seen the video yet!! I keep ... getting sidetracked haha.


I went to the presale party here at the Dallas Hard Rock Cafe, and it was really nice! Did some crazy Tori Trivia, did a raffle/drawing for an autographed book of her autobiography 'Piece by Piece' and an autographed poster. I didn't win either of those, but I did win a non signed poster for answering a trivia question right!!

It was alot of fun.


My first listen through of the album wasn't so great... I didn't like it as much. But at the presale party they were playing it overhead, and it sounded really gorgeous! I think I just have to sit down and listen instead of scanning through it whilst getting ready for work.




I have secured two tickets for the Grand Prairie show April 17th. Life is complete.

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AAAAAAAAAH I totally went and saw Tori Last night! Aren't you all jealous?!



Original Sinsuality

Marys Of The Sea

Take To The Sky


Little Amsterdam




Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover)

By Your Side (cover from the musical Godspell)


Blood Roses (

Here. In My Head

The Power Of Orange Knickers

Winter (

Spring Haze

The Beekeeper


1st Encore


Silent All These Years


2nd Encore

Sweet The Sting

Hey Jupiter



Since I'm bad with the reviews, here is one that I agree with prolly most of:


From Cornflakeguy:


This is an odd review.


I have been a bad

Torifan lately. I'm busy, life is hectic, I have no time, etc.


I bought

the Beekeeper the day it came out.


I have not heard one single bit of it



So I thought this would be a great exercise. Why not get my first

exposure to new Tori songs in a way that few people probably have....live in



I have been to every Tori show in Dallas she has ever done, save

for a show I'm sure she did for the Little Earthquakes Tour....I don't know,

maybe she didn't come to Dallas then.


But anyway, I have seen all

incarnations of the live Tori. My first exposure to Tori Live was her and the

piano, like it was in the old days.


As Tori's styles changed so did mine.

I enjoyed the albums with more instruments, and later, more musicians in the

studio. And on tour, I loved the full band variation. Tori was good before, but

at that time she was great. I loved the shows with the full band.



last tour she lost lead guitar. Hmmmm...ok. I guess that will be enjoyable. And

it was...but not as much as the full band.


And now on the Original

Sinsuality tour it was just Tori and the piano. "Neato", I thought, since its

been a while since I have seen that variation. Venue and immediate surroundings

not being taken into consideration at this point, I have to say that this was

not a show for me. Song selection was a big "WTF" for me. Like I have said, I

have not heard anything from Beekeeper, so I expected some question marks to

appear above my head at times, but I had a permanent question mark above my head

for almost the entire night. I didn't know 75% of those songs.


Is that

Tori's fault? No, not at all. For the true blue "I know AND love all things

Tori" fan, I'd bet this show was a dream. This is the kind of 'deep cuts' show

that I'd love for the bands that I AM a die-hard true blue fan of todo, so I can

appreciate the appeal. But alas, tonight's Dallas show was not quite tailor made

for me. She did what, 3 singles? Personal Jesus was fun. I was hoping for Purple

Rain. Or hell, Rattlesnakes at this point.


Now the venue and immediate

surroundings I spoke of earlier. Nokia Live is the best concert venue in Dallas,

if not in Texas, if not in the 5 state southwest area.


My immediate

surroundings? Oh. My. God. Right in front ofme, these two people were mugging

down THE ENTIRE SHOW. When they weren't getting up to get another drink, or go

potty, they were on top of each other. I love to kiss my girlfriend, but I don't

pay $55 and pay $12 parking to do it in a theater of 2000 people when Tori is on



And the coming and going. Wow. I think I had to stand up to let

someone by 10 times. At least. At one point I told the guy directly behind me

"Sorry dude, I seem to be on the crazy row." I have been to many concerts in my

life, and tonight's crowd was the most kinetic bunch ever. Up and down, up and

down. I have NEVER witnessed anything like that before tonight.


And the

screaming during songs. You know, this may not be an issue at say, a Motley Crue

concert, because its so loud you can't hear the people 10 rows up from you

screaming along with the songs, or screaming "Yeah!", or simply screaming

"Woooooooo". But here's a hint kids, you CAN hear it at a Tori show, especially

during the more quiet, dynamic songs, which incidentally seem to be the songs

you want to scream at the most.


The girl next to me whipped out her cell

phone and text messaged this during Blood Roses: "God I can't believe she's

doing this song. Isn't it 10 years old?" What a genius. Then she text messaged:

"We'll be there in a minute". And then her and her buddy left, never to come

back. See "Up and down, up and down."


All I can do is try to find time to

listen to the Beekeeper, and hope that the next tour has drums and a lead



SOURCE: The Dent Dot Com


I'll add more when I feel up to it.

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Pics are coming, but here's the list from the Tori Show on the 24th:


Act I – Santa (Not Clause, mind you. Her character).


* Body and Soul

* She’s Your Cocaine

* Sweet The Sting

* Sugar

* Secret Spell

* Raspberry Swirl




* Professional Widow (Armand's Mix)


Act II – Tori


* Big Wheel

* Father Lucifer

* Tear In Your Hand

* Cornflake Girl

* Lust

* Liquid Diamonds


T & Bö


* improv

* Jackie’s Strength

* Beulah Land


Band Returns


* Horses

* Bliss

* Code Red


First Encore


* Precious Things

* Digital Ghost


Second Encore


* Bouncing Off Clouds







This was such a delicious one! My favorite so far!!

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haha. I see what your'e doing, trying to help me get my post count up. Okay...

Favorite Era,

Boys for Pele (hands down the best album eva made!)


Favorite B Sides

Never Seen Blue

Flying Dutchman

Sugar (live!)

Purple People

here in My head


best if heard Live




Blood Roses

Muhammed my Friend (best if you find with Maynard)

Almost Rosey

hey jupiter


Spring Haze

Waitress (hang ten honey!)

Yes, Anastasia



Father Figure

Boys in the Trees

Raining Blood

Famous Blue Raincoat

Smells like teen Spirit


least favorite album

The Beekeeper.


best videos

1,000 Oceans

Raspberry Swirl

Hey Jupiter (remix)


Tori is probably one of the few singer songwriters left who really give their all live, and god forbid you piss her off she won't hesitate to tell you to sit the fuck down or shut the fuck up as she has been caught more than once doing. She gives what she gets, and the fan response decides the ultimate outcome of the concert. She also started RAINN and has spent a lot of her time with her fans, she takes requests from fans both during the concert and even online. her covers can not be beat, from Eminem's 97 Bonnie and Clyde to Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat Tori has shown where her inspiration has come from.

Struggling in the 80's hair band era, Y Kan't tori Read was an instant flop, 'the girl and her piano thing' just didn't cut it for the record industry.

Tori without her piano didn't cut it for the rest of the world, so when Crucify hit airwaves, Tori hit the charts and has remained one of the most respected female musicians of our time.


She's also known to be a bit drunk, kooky and maybe now slightly full of herself. But shit if she can't rock.


Audrey runs an amazing website, and has become the keeper of all thing live ;) but some asshole just hacked her. Boo.




you tube...

Live Song



Tori on Spears (funny as hell)


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Favorite Era:

I guess right now I'm in a 'To Venus and Back' phase.



Favorite B Sides:

Upside Down

Here in my head


The Pool

Purple People




Best Live:

The Waitress

Professional Widow (Merry Widow Version)

Sugar (totally better live)

Cornflake Girl

Precious Things (oooooh I looove it!)

It gives me the goosebumps! Also, she's prolly one of the only people that can pull off drooling and making it seem cool and empowering, haha!



Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode)

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)

Happiness is a Warm Gun (The Beatles)



Least favorite album:

Gotta agree with you 100%. The Beekeeper. There are few songs I can stomach off of it. I guess I just haven't given it enough time or patience, though...



Best videos:


Raspberry Swirl

1000 Oceans (always make me tear up, lol)

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