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Caught this low-budget buddy flick at the cinema last night and was nothing short of wowed.


As I'm lazy I'm gonna post the IMDB synopsis:


Miles Faymond, a failed writer who teaches junior high school english takes his best friend, former hot actor Jack on a weeklong drive up to 'wine country' in California. There they explore the nature of their failures and question their relationships. Jack, about to get married, has an affair and wonders whether he should call it off. Miles, recently divorced, questions whether or not he made the right choice.



It stars Paul Giamatti and Thomas Hayden Church as Miles and Jack respectively. The chemistry is amazing and this film just goes to enforce for me that Paul Giamatti is one of the best actors in the business. Its a film thats both hilariously funny and depressingly sad all in the course of one film which is rare.


If you don't believe my hype, check out what critics thought of it on Rotten Tomatoes


Rotten Tomatoes


Also, for a nice taster, check out the trailer:


Sideways trailer


And, if I haven't sold it enough, its written and directed by Alexander Payne, who's credits include Election and About Schmidt.

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I agree 100% MLB, I fuckin loved it, one of the best this year, must see. I think it's by far ALexander Payne's (election, about schmidt) best movie.


Oh, and I really liked I heart Huckabee's it was really funny, not for everyone, but it was really unique.

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Finally saw this last night at an advance screening (yep, another one that's not released yet here), I really enjoyed it, definitely woulda been high in my best of the year list.


I really like the scene with Paul Giamatti and Virginia Madsen out on the porch of Stephanie's house and he's talking about the difficult grape that needs very special care, where he doesn't realise he's describing himself but she (and I assume everyone who saw it) does.

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Glad you enjoyed it KoS. I thought it was a beautiful movie, and the scene you point out is great. Other highlights for me are of course the wallet-recovery and the trip to the mainstream-commercial vineyard with Giamatti going crazy.


Pleased to see this film do well at the Globes and hoping for a few Oscars to go along with it.

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