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Goldie Looking Chain


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I know you guys appreciate good music when you hear it so thought everyone should e introduced to the genius that is GLC.


Not much to say about these fine gentlemen. Bunch of guys from the UK (not sure where, but probably Milton Keynes or something) just pissing about. Obviously started out as a joke but now they're getting serious airplay.


Not suprising though with classics like Half Man, Half Machine, Guns don't kill people, rappers do and their opus, Your mothers got a penis


Visit the website below and watch the vids and see what these guys are about. Enjoy.


You Knows It !

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Keep an eye out for their Christmas single 'You knows I love you', it's not on the site yet, a smooth groove for a bit of snogging in the carpark after a hot night down Mecca bingo.


Haha :D . When I saw them live about a year back I'm pretty sure they played that, but not sure.



Oh and they're from Wales, Newport I think


Cool. We have Wales to thank for so many things. :D

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Goldie Looking Chain?

"Bukkake looking foo's"

They be out on this streets

They be breakin' all the rules

Dropping litter on the streets

And giving fucking treats

To the kids in the park

They be stalking after dark

But the SC crew

Motherfucker we tight

We make you stay up late

In the middle of the night

We got sand in a sock

To smack you down

When you try to get up

We put you back on the ground

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Oh, GLC they shit just ain't fresh

But the SoftCrisps crew we rap with the best

'Cause we the slickest, the phattest, the dopest MCs

And we smoke like the upsetter, Lee Perry

And GLC motherfuckers say our shit ain't fresh

Yo, I heard their shit bitch, and their shit is a mess

'Cause they ain't shit but we be lyrically devine

So step off bitch and stop-a wasting our time

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