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Again, this book was the gem of Marvel's Tsunami line: a fun story of teens who discover that their parents are all super-villians, and try to escape and let someone - anyone - know....simple premise, but really fun writing & art.


An upcoming event, courtesy of Newsarama...





As he’s mentioned in a recent interview, Brian K. Vaughan will introduce Excelsior, a new team of heroes in the pages of Runaways. Vaughan provided Newsarama with a copy of the cover to Runaways #3, showing the members of the team.


At his website (where he also posted the cover), Vaughan wrote:


“Here's a gift from editor C.B. Cebulski to Marvel readers around the globe... a sneak peek at Jo Chen's beautiful cover to April's RUNAWAYS #3, featuring five of the six members of EXCELSIOR.


”New readers won't need to know anything other than the fact that Excelsior is a group comprised entirely of former teenage superheroes. But if they're "former" teen heroes... what the hell are they now? And what do they want with our Runaways?


”Longtime Marvel fans may recognize the Slingers' RICOCHET, who's standing in front of the New Warriors' TURBO and DARKHAWK. Power Pack's JULIE POWER is flying behind my beloved CHAMBER of Generation X fame. And there's one more SECRET member of Excelsior not pictured here (and no, it's not Daredevil).”


Any guess on mystery man? Could be dark speedball... :D

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Newsarama puts up a six page preview of #1, check it out!


here's the solicitation:






It's an all-new beginning for the book that WIZARD calls "the best original concept from Marvel in thirty years!" When a group of teenagers discovers that their parents are actually super-villains, they run away from home...but that's only step one! Now that the evil Pride is gone, nearly every bad guy in the Marvel Universe is trying to fill the power vacuum in Los Angeles, and the Runaways are the only heroes who can stop them! Plus, what does the mysterious new team EXCELSIOR want with the Runaways, and which fan-favorite Marvel characters are part of this group? All this and many more surprises await a brand-new era of the most unpredictable comic on the stands. 32 pgs/Marvel PSR/$2.99



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Just read vol 2, # 1 - wow. Power Pack, Chamber, Slingers, etc - Marvel's B list guys, and it was a cool-ass issue. Vaughan knocked this one out the park, and left it wide open for another great series.


If you ever enjoyed Gen 13, Generation X, or any team books like that, this one's really great, and it deserves more notcie. Naturally, grab the TPB for volume 1 first if ya can.



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Hah...i seriously think it was the best of their Tsunami line a few years back.


Vol 1 is all in a reader-trade for like $9, vol 2 is only 2 issues in so far, so its cool. You can prolly download all of vol 1 too, but i intend to buy it later. I'm a fan of Vaughan, between this, Ex Machina & Y: The Last Man (which, again, really picks up later but if youre on a budget for trades, download it first). I really wrote this book off at fist as another Power Pack, Generation X, etc but it turned into somethin a lot cooler.

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Yeah, figured you would, cause i too fondly remember early Gen X stuff...the first issue of this one, with the Marvel MMORPG, tell me that wasnt cool...


Give more review aa you go, im still hopin to get more folks onto this one, Cap'ns lookin to read it soon as well...cant wait till you're all caught up, cause vol. 2 is lookin cool.

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Sorry 2T; i think vol 1 is in digest :D Readin manga a bit, i dont mind, i just hate when they cut shit out entirely, like in the Street Fighter books, the side-stories are gone.


If its any consolation, the book's cheap, like $9 some places...

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Digest form be damned!








This deluxe hardcover collects all 18 issues of the Runaways' first series, plus a hefty helping of DVD-style extras! In PRIDE & JOY, six young friends discover their parents are all secretly super-powered villains! Finding strength in one another, the shocked teens run away from home and straight into the adventure of their lives - vowing to turn the tables on their evil legacy. In TEENAGE WASTELAND, the Runaways find a kindred spirit in a daring young stranger and welcome him into their fold. But will this dashing young man help the teenagers defeat their villainous parents...or tear them apart? Plus: Who do you send to catch a group of missing, runaway teenage super heroes? Marvel's original teen runaway crimefighters, Cloak and Dagger, making their first major appearance in years! In THE GOOD DIE YOUNG, the world as we know it is about to end, and the Runaways are the only hope to prevent it! Our fledgling teenage heroes have learned how their parents' criminal organization began, and now they must decide how it should END. As the Runaways' epic battle against their evil parents reaches its shocking conclusion, the team's mole stands revealed, and blood must be shed. Which kids will still be standing when the smoke finally clears?

448 PGS./Marvel T+ …$34.99

ISBN: 0-7851-1876-4




Thank God for that.

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anyone read this month's issue? the east coast/west coast crossover was cool. Joe Q had this to say about upcoming issues:


...Speaking of which, there’s a new arc beginning with issue #14. It’s a great jumping on point as the Runaways arch nemesis The Pride return as well as a character returning from the dead!


Also, we’re creating an 11-page Runaways story for Free Comic Book Day. We personally believe that all you have to do is try the book to be hooked!


And did I mention that thanks to the events of Civil War the Runaways will be teaming up with another super team? Oh man, is that big enough to be this week’s tease? I think so!


And if that isn’t enough, Runaways was just honored by the American Library Association. The hardcover compilation won a spot on the Top Ten list of Best Books for Young Adults. It was the only comic/graphic novel on the list.

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Recently, fans of Marvel Comics' series "Runaways" got some sad news; series creators Brian K Vaughan and Adrian Alphona announced they would be leaving the series with Issue #24, which hits stores this coming January. But hey there True Believers! Dry those eyes! The adventures of the "Runaways" won't be coming to an end. Marvel plans to continue the book and has lined up a new creative team, whose run will begin in April. Joining new artist Michael Ryan will be a writer who is well known for chronicling the adventures of super powered teenagers.


Go here to learn who.

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