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Million Dollar Baby

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Million Dollar baby is Clint eastwood's new boxing drama that slipped into theaters just in time for the oscars and is easily the most overrated movie of the year. I don't know why critics are all up on eastwod's cock, but this isn't even close to being the best film of the year, don't beleive the hype.


Having said that, it is a pretty good movie. It's a straightforward drama about a female boxer and a wahse dup trainer. It's pretty touching at points and does some interesting things you wouldn't expect. THe performances are excellent, especially Swank's, and it does a hell of a job not degenerating into osmething too sappy, it's just subtle enough.


It does have it's flaws though. The biggest one being the lighting, or lack thereof... They lit this film as if actually seeing the actors is a sort of luxury that the audience can't afford. For some reason the whole thing is shrouded in darkness. It ends up looking like a cross between a thriller and something really fucking pretentious. It's endlessly annoying, you can't see the performances, the lighting just doesn't fit this movie. You know you've gone overboard with the low key lighting thing when people cant tell the difference between clint eatswood and morgan freeman untill one of them speaks. Whenever they do get some light in there, the film looks great. A lot of the daytime gym scenes are good, and the fights look nice.


The other flaws are scattered and minor. Morgan Freeman's narration sounds like it's lifted directly off of shawshank. It's really distracting.


All in all it's a pretty good movie, but nothing out of this world.

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I don't know why critics are all up on eastwod's cock


..so youve answered your own question, then.


Didnt see many of the contenders this year, but this one was good. Junker's right, the dark lighting's a bit overdone, and Freeman does the Shawshank thing he's done in a lot of other films, but you cant fault his exchanges with Clint. Movie takes some dark, unexpected twists, but its a strong, very enjoyable film overall, for fans of boxing especially, id think.

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