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Grant Morrison (The Invisibles, The Filth) and Frank Quitely (New X-Men, 411) just finished up their excellent 3-part Vertigo mini-series, We3, a story about the military experimenting with cybernetically-enhanced house pets to fight wars. Initially, the idea seems pretty out there, even for Vertigo sci-fi, until you realize this team is golden, and Morrison is still heralded for his ability to write animals, since the critically-acclaimed Animal Man.


The book's graphic, no doubt, but again reminds me that when Quitely's on, he's a great artist (the above shot looks amazing in a 2-page spread). The writing is the real strength here tho...imagine the old Disney movie, "Homeward Bound", but mix it up with Clockwork Orange, that's about as close as I can get to it.


The "3" are a bunny, cat & dog, and what theyre capable of when they can (basically) speak and think, much less destroy military units, is crazy - and that's before you see how far the military will go to stop them from reaching a civillian area. Its a short, dark series that's pretty damn interesting along the way.



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