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". . .acclaimed novelist Orson Scott Card would be writing a six-issue "Ultimate Iron Man" mini-series with pencils by Andy Kubert. In addition, it was noted the book would feature a cover enhancement like we used to see in the '90s, a foil cover by Bryan Hitch. Marvel told Time.com, "If you thought The Ultimates told you everything you needed to know about Ultimate Iron Man, think again."


Card's best known as the author of "Ender's Game" in 1986 and the sequel "Speaker for the Dead" in 1987. A first for any novelist, both won the prestigious Hugo & Nebula awards each year. The "Ender's Saga," as it's come to be known, has spawned six novels total and "Ender's Game" has been set up with Director Wolfgang Peterson for a major motion picture with Warner Bros."


Thought Chief might like this news.

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Fuck; first Cruise, then Warren Ellis writes regular Iron Man (Chief, if you dont know who that guy is, you should be very excited he's gracing the pages of your shit - Transmetropolitan, Ultimate Nightmare, Authority, so much more), and now this....with Andy Kubert (X-Men, Wolverine: Origin, 1602) on the pencils to boot!

Ill prolly havta pick this one up.

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Looks like Chiefy's boy got a mini....Newsarama




Marvel has provided Newsarama with a six-page preview of this week’s Ultimate Iron Man #1 by writer Orson Scott Card, penciller Andy Kubert, and inker Danny Miki.


The solicitation for issue #1 of the six-part miniseries reads:


Brace yourself for the most imaginative, groundbreaking comic of 2005. International bestseller, four-time Hugo award, two-time Nebula award and World Fantasy Award winner Orson Scott Card (author of Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead, Shadow Puppets) comes to the Ultimate Universe. He’s joined by industry legend Andy Kubert (Ultimate X-Men,1602, Origin) to show shocking beginning of ULTIMATE IRON MAN!!! If you thought The Ultimates told you everything you needed to know about Ultimate Iron Man, think again. It all starts here!

32 PGS./PSR+ …$2.99








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Newsarama, natch..




In its most recent communication with retailers, Marvel has noted that writer Orson Scott Card has requested that Ultimate Iron Man be changed from one six-issue miniseries to two five issue miniseries, as his storyline has expanded during the writing process.


Marvel has agreed, and all future solicitation information will now note that the ongoing Ultimate Iron Man miniseries is now five issues. There was no word as to whether or not artist Andy Kubert will continue as the artist on the second miniseries.

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