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BATTLERAPS 2! the rebirth


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figured we could use a battle rap thread again...but I'll start with a friendly rap as opposed to a battle



guess whats back


guess whos back


just a look back


props to the hoss mr big boss nick

big like his hat mostly worn by hicks

cowboy hero skinnin' them guns

the hick shaft bone'n some nuns

hail mary go ahead sing that praise

for you just got a dick pleasing raise


silent bob always around with much to say

so silent hes not but ya know what they hay

hes good people so i say treat him well

if you dont then you'll know about hell


the rest of you cracka rappa's

bring what you got and let it rip


i aint no rappa...but this shit is fun :P

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Now Signal you gone an' messed wit da boss

And with shit like that you be lookin' at loss

'cause you don't wanna ever fuckin' mess with Nick

'cause takin' his back is the original Mick

Now lemme take just a couple a sips

As you lift up your shirt and expose your nips

I'll cripple them like a gangsta would

And there's no stoppin' me, as if you could

'cause when you mess with the SC crew

You better remember I be coming for you

I'll kick you in the ass, bitchslap you in the face

I'll rhyme your ass all over this place

'cause remember I said that I was lyrically divine?

So why you still here wasting my time?

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haha...alright, let's have some fun, then. :D





Irish Cowboy is the wickedest

Signal say I'm pussy? Ha, I dare you to stick ya dick in this

"If I was pussy I'd be filled with syphilis

Herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, getting rid'a ya"

now, sig dropped a bomb, and here the shit still lingers

and the crowd won't throw they hands up if they swalled their fingers

ya know, punks jump up to get beat down, its true

couldnt see my style even if you dared to came through,

who's you? punk, you fell off because i pushed you

who ya'll choosin? The wack MC, or the IC

the champ that go toe to to with Jack Dempsey

normally i wont reply, but this time its only fair,

cause MC's like sig are hurtin, so here's his welfare...peace.


Patos.jpgBut getting back to the black rhinoceros of rap: B.I.G. took a loss, how preposterous is that?

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This MC be runnin' the show

IC juss a puppet and 2t a ho

yea bring the big guns fool

cuz i'll work you like a tool

work jerk perk n' captain kirk

I say work cuz i'm puttin some in

I say jerk cuz thats all you be

I say perk cuz thats what i am

I say captain kirk cuz i fuckin can

I saw you steppin up to the mic

but i heard nothin ya sorry dyke


2T must be smokin too much dope

cuz he slower than the ailing pope

soap ona rope dope nope pope

I say soap ona rope cuz u smellz

I say dope cuz I am and you aint

I say nope cuz you aint ahead

I say pope why? cuz I fuckin can

2T betta find some skillz

or Ill move in for the killz


sig bitch slapped you one

IC n 2T you got none

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