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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction


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its great how people online with bitch about b.net being slow and laggy.... but hey its a free service and how old is the game? they have no real reason to maintain anything because they're not really making any profit from it.


but there is something that you've all probably missed. the release of version 1.10 which includes "synergies" which basically, say you have a paladin and you decide to put a skill point into the skill Zeal.. well you can put a skill point into another skill (i can't remember what exactly) but it adds a damage % bonus. its kinda cool. there are tons of new uniques and there's a certain set that makes the necromancer into a vampire. perdy nifty stuff.


well if anyone still plays on like my account: AngelicWarGod


:D goodness... how very nerdy of me.

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