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Michael Mann (Heat, The Insider) does it again; this one was a great action flick with cool dialogue, characters, suspese etc. Cruise played his role awesome, as did Foxx, who I'm guessin is on a roll now.


Yeah, i caught this one late, but glad i did. I know Sig enjoyed it, but for those who havent caught it (there was a lotta movies i missed around that time last year, didnt hear as much about it), its the last good action flick ive seen in a while, at least since "Man on Fire" (and this one doesnt have the camerawork SB gets sick from, too). Cool shit.

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This movie was purely awsome. If you get the opp. take the time to watch the dvd-extras. Each character had to go where Mann thought they would have grown up, they had to spend time with their woulda been parents, Foxx had to spend a day with a real hack...and and... Cruise got to spend a few with an retired SAS operative. Cruise learned drawing and gun disarmament techniques fromt he guy, and also did live round training, instead of blanks.


The cab was actually driven by Foxx in the movie, the scenes where he's haulin ass before the wreck...he was driving it.


The Jazz club was aiight, but I liked the alleyway where tommy boy schooled the robbers with a fierce triple tapping on bofa dem! The club scene was cool too, 2 things I didnt like about it though. The people screaming and running out of the club...were runing back and forth for like 80 gazillion hours, instead of just clearing the scene. That and the target that Vincent was after just sat in the booth like a pregnant nancy and watched his impending death come to him.


but other than that, I loved the movie. The coyote scene was pretty cool too, where you are like 'woah, where did that come from'

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