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The Scientist

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Some friends and I took part in a "make your own 5 minute film" contest at my college a few months ago. We managed to get into the final 14 (out of about 60 entries), which was cool.


The film is called 'The Scientist' and can be found HERE


The '5 min' version is the submitted film, but on the site you will find the full version, bloopers, etc. Also recommend the 'Ja' segment, pretty funny.


Although you won't see me in the film, you will here me. My voice is the Brit accent doing the voice-over at a few different points in the film.


Anyway, enough with the pimping, on with the show...

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Appreciate the support guys. Watch the full 16 min version if you have time, definitely more of a labour of love. The 5 minute one was a bit rushed.



So do your American classmates treat you as something of an oddity, proding you and forcing you to talk posh?


Haha, sometimes. I do get people asking me to just talk because they like my accent, which is always strange. My voice-over in this is a bit affected, usually I'm a bit lazier with my t's.

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