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Over in the Sentry thread Nick and I talked about some bad spider-man story which gave me an idea :2T: for a new thread about comics that are so bad to the point of being funny. Face it we had to put up with alot of bad story telling over years. So I want to share some of them with you guys from the bad to the what the hell were they smoking.


Batman: I rememeber this one issue where Dick Grayson (the first Robin) broke his arm. So Bats was talking to Dick about how he can't go out as Robin cause if people saw his arm they may put 2 n 2 together and figure out who they are. So Bats started thinking how Robin can go out and help him fight. So Bats came up with something to get Robin out in the streets (Isn't that nice,he has a broken arm and Bats wants him to risk his life) So finally Bats came up with an idea so bad it was funny as hell. He made a new bat-suit to distract people from noticing Robin. He wore a batsuit all right. A rainbow colored batsuit (insert gay joke here :gay:) So he's running around town wearing that suit and everybody is laughing at him and nobody notice Robin is running right next to him wearing a cast around his arm. Man talk about lame, and isn't that child abuse or something. Here's a good one.



Spiderman: lets see you have the clone saga :ill:, Carnage use the silver surfers body as a host?,Planet of the Symbiotes, and now we learned that Gwen Stacy didn't want to put out with peter,but slept with Norman Osborn :2T: and then we learn she had his twins :ill: who came back to fight Spiderman and they were his age? Make the pain go away for the love of god make it go away!Oh, I forgot about about spider-hulk.

CostumeSpiderHulk.gif or Spider-LizardCostumeSpiderLizard.gif

or better yet Spider-PhoenixCostumeSpiderPhoenix.gif

Cosmic Carnage anybody AmazSpid431.JPG

Anybody else care to rememeber the bad ones.

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hah, good thread! we could go on forever....yay, bitch-titty cap!


Yeah, i still defend the clone saga, up till the end.....oh, and dont forget, after cap wolf was cap armor...


my favorite crappy spidey story was this part of "The Shrieking" when he was going all dark-knight-returns grim & gritty, he began eating his mask an saying "i am the spider".


chris cleremont once wrote Wolvierine (years after teh classic mini), setup an awesome :2T: /sabretooth fight, cliffhanger has Creed with the metal, and for once, logan without, and Kitty Pryde might be dead, too.

Next issue, somehow, the Hand has all 3 of them knocked out (dont ask) and when one of these great ninjas mentions "my lord, we have 3 of our greatest enemies here (no idea how kitty fits into that?), why not kill them all while we can?"

"no! we shall brainwash them and make them ours, cause that always works without Millar."


Kitty pryde gets creeds mind so he/she rapes and kills things, Logan's scared as a puppy, etc. I dont even remember if they won or Cleremont just forgot he was writing the title. All this right after Viper (another ninja ho) somehow "tricked" Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke etc into hunting down logan. no, he never bothered to explain how a powerful psychic lke jean gets her mind controlled by ninja ho.


all this before the rob liefeld arc. :2T:


More recently, Wolverine: The End was horrid crap. not qutie batman/spawn, but up there.

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Oh yeah, how many people were carzy enough to buy the Marvel Mangaverse. Saw the trade the other day. Forgot how lame it was. The ongoing didn't last to long. I think it was about 5 to 6 issues before it got can. I mean Dr. Doom was Black Panthers sister :pinch: Iron man was a giant robot. I'm sure there's more, but I just can't rememeber.


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What's with the thing going around their head, Superman never had that, not to my knowledge.


I think it'd be cool if they just took the part of their costume that matched their colour. So Superman Red would wear a cape and a pair of tighty-redies and blue would wear a Jumper and a pair of Lycra thigh-highs. Just imagine how that would look and tell me I'm wrong.

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Good call on Liefield mate. Wish I'd read somma that Wolf-Cap.


Superman Red n Blue anybody.



That was supposed to be the link I posted before but I shoulda che--


NEWTYPE!! What manner of lily-livered name is this?! Red has heard some preposterous handles in Red's time, but never has anyone treated Red with such blatant disrespect(well, Dan Jurgens but that's different). Are you an agent of Lime?! Red wishes you to know now that anyone trucking with Lime will come to no good end. Consider yourself warned.

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