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Billy Joel vs Elton John


Who do you prefer to listen to?  

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Billy Joel and Elton John.


The two Piano Men, with a collective 75 years of experience, this IS a hard question for me to answer personally. It's a dead heat and I just can't simply vote for either one of them as I love them both.




Now, I don't know how much you know about these two, but listening to their music from the 70s through the 90s, I used to think they were equal musicians. However, after going to see them individually and together (Face 2 Face tour-one of the best concerts I've been to) as a duo in concert...


I can definately tell you that Billy Joel is the better showman. Perhaps that's because Elton is off the coke or showing his age... but Billy Joel just connected a little easier with the audience, did more flash-and-dash, and would go off into silly little interludes in the middle of his songs. Billy's set was definately the more fun of the two. I also edge him slightly vocally as well. There's just something about his singing style that is like a rock and bluesy combination.


However, I will say this about Elton John: I now think he's the better pure musician. Perhaps it's because Billy Joel used to get his music from being young and angry. Now he's just old and bitter... :2T:




It feels pretty pointless to recount Elton John and Billy Joel's achievements.


You know how many hits Elton John has had. You know which songs of his have entered the public lexicon. You know that, despite some very bumpy spots in his career, that he's written some of the most enduring popular music of the late 20th century.




Billy Joel is very much the same - one of those who have risen out of the 70s and continued his sound into the 90s all the while consistently reaping the awards of critical acclaim and popular success.




Few male music artists have stood the test of time to transcend the changing music scene year after year and decade after decade without compromising their artistic integrity.


And speaking as someone who admittedly loved Elton John as a kid -- and when I say this, I mean that "I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That" was current at the time, not "Crocodile Rock", though I loved both -- but who strayed because EJ wasn't cool enough or genuine enough as the indie rock that I fell in love with. Saturday Night/Tiny Dancer being my favorites for unknown reasons.


After several years of listening to some decidedly pop-oriented acts, however, I've come to realize what I love in both Elton John and Billy Joel, is how that childhood love for their music probably shaped my later tastes.


As for Billy Joel, I love his music for what it is. To me it is more lounge music than anything else. I listen to him when I want to relax. And for that purpose, his music is some of the best I have heard. His anthem Piano Man forever embedded in my memory.




Good poll- two of the biggest popstars of the 20th century. I guess that's not so bad.



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I feel the same way.


the best concert i ever went to was the Face 2 Face tour. It was kick ass.


I also had the honor of seeing him in a guest appearance last month, when I went to NYC and caught Movin' Out for the second time. As the cast was doing it's final bow, he came out from backstage, suprising everyone. He gave us a mini-concert.


I've been a huge Billy and Elton fan for a while, but I'm not so sure I agree with you lol. I tend to think Billy's music is purer than Elton's, but they're both outstanding musicians.


lol Angry Young Man is my personal anthem, though.

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