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Haven't gotten a chance to play it yet, but it's getting really good reviews. Sounds like the gameplay is nearly identical to Spider-man 2 (cept you also get to play as Venom this time) and the story is top-notch. Every line of dialogue in the game was written by Bendis, and every character (including a couple that make their Ultimate debuts in the game) is designed by Bagley. And speaking of characters, not only do you get a pretty good cast of Spidey heroes and villains (at the very least, Venom, Electro and Green Goblin) there are also some cameos by Ultimate Nick Fury and Ultimate Wolverine. Venom fights Wolverine, man! I'm tracking this game down and renting it tomorrow.

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Rented it this morning. Been playing it off and on all evening.


Best. Spiderman game. Ever.


No, I'm serious, it's that good. It combines the great free-roaming and web-slinging of Spiderman 2, plus all the cool comic book cameos from the old PS1 Spidey games, plus story and dialogue written by Bendis. It really is just like an interactive Ultimate Spidey comic.


The game features a complete load-free recreation of New York City, similar to the one in Spiderman 2. I say similar because, despite the addition of Queens, the Ultimate New York is actually quite a bit smaller than the one in the previous game. I mean, it's still big but it may only take you, say, five minutes to swing across town as opposed to fifteen. And since it's specifically Ultimate New York, many of NYC's reallife landmarks are missing and instead you'll find the skyline dotted with exclusive Marvel landmarks like the Baxter Building, the Latverian Embassy (here's a hint, it's the only embassy with dead trees out front) and supposedly even Dr. Strange's house...though, I've yet to find that personally, maybe I've been searching on the wrong plane of existence... When I get a break from getting my butt kicked by guys in battle armor, I plan to search the coastline to see if I can find the Triskelion. Even the various billboards around town reflect the Ultimate universe. I've swung by some great ones, including an advertisement for Kraven's reality show ("Kraven the Hunter: Reality TV Has Never Been So Real"), another advertising the movie of The Ultimates (with a parody of the ID4 poster), I've even found one for a Latverian cruise line ("You'll come for the fun, you'll stay forever"). It's packed with stuff an Ultimate fan will enjoy. And that's not even mentioning characters. So far, I've pitted Spidey against Venom, Shocker, Rhino, Electro, the Green Goblin and even the newly debuted Ultimate Beetle. Not to mention great appearences by Johnny Storm, Silver Sable, Nick Fury - and yes, Venom gets into a bar room brawl with Wolverine.


Seriously, any Spiderman fan should play this game. It's the best representation of the character I've ever seen in a videogame (read: the wisecracks are actually funny this time). Even his voice is perfect - the unknown voice actor they found for the part, supposedly actually a 15 year old, nails the Spidey tone perfectly. The game takes everything that was good about Spiderman 2, gets rid of nearly everything that was bad about it (Treyarch even went so far as having you eat that stupid kid with the balloon in the Venom tutorial level) and improved the story and visuals immensely. I'm not even done with it and already I can't recommend it enough.

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