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Soul Calibur III


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Just picked this one up today, have to say it is friggen awesome. Finally a friggen story mode ina fighting game so you know WHY you're beating the shit out of random person C. Whole lotta crap to unlock, perfect friggen controls, an RTS/Fighting mini-game, and a whole lot of other crap.


Still, the thing that makes it stand out in my mind? Custom Character creation. Oh my sweet god is it fun making your own character. Hell they give you a buncha options too, I was able to make a pretty damn close facsimile of Guts from Berserk with this thing, not to mention the crapload of fighting styles you can unlock. Just plain friggen cool.


Oh and the game be very damn pretty.


Anyone else get their hands on this one? I do have to say playing it reminds me of the parties we would have in Nick's dorm drinking and playing the shit out of SC1.



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