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an Archives Section?


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Eh....its arbitrary. I mean, i can simply hide threads after a certain date, but i like the possibility of MM & people reviving things from years gone by, what's old is new again & all.

We got a shit-ton of forums to preserve content....to take them out & jumble them in an island of misfit threads might defeat that, and smaller forums like sports need them to look respectable, anyway.


I know Town Square's got like dozens of pages (god knows the last one or two are empty from bad transfers), but the search feature's not bad....its not a bad idea, but specifically, what's been troubling you in locating certain threads?

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Nothing at all, really. I just think for organizational purposes it may work out well. I mean, you could do an Archives section for each thread, so that way when someone does want to bring back an old topic, post in it, and it's no longer an archive.


but I don't know how this would work.


I just thought it would look nicer and organize things a bit better. As it is, the search option works pretty good.

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This is how it starts. Needless red tape and for what ends.


Don't be surprised if he asks to rehaul the member index and orginise it by zip code and political allegence.

Dude, what the hell's wrong with you?


Red tape?


And that last sentence is just stupid. Did I mistakenly sleep with your sister or something? Geez, end the hostility already.


Have a Guiness.

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haha.....the suggestion box is a touchy place.


The idea's not a bad one, in & of itself, but youd be surprised how limited you are in working with PHP & board coding when you know fuck all about it...pretty much, if its not built in, it rarely happens. Installing spoiler tags on new board versions usually takes part of a night.


There's a great site for mods/hacks for our board, some good people who take requests (tho illl be damned if they ever have for me, haha), but usually, it goes like this: i see some hack that looks interesting for us, and the readme file says it only needs to put a string or two into like 3 text files of the board's core. I backup what we got, do what im told, and then hondo's becomes a giant 404, after which i throw things, and drink, weeping at the expense of my college degree.

about 20 minutes later, i restore the board (often by accident), and MH, who's the only one to notice when i crash this place at like 4AM, IMs "wha happend?" and i blame our servers or the hisenberg uncertainty principle or something.



...so, you see, Hondo's Bar: the director's commentary would be slightly more interesting than hammering nails into your dick.

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I was thinkin of doing some merging in some sections....like, say, Silent Hill in video games, we got threads for 2, 3 & 4, and potentially one coming for whenever details drop on 5. This is cool, but for a series like that, is it better to have seperate threads for each chapter, or one large one for the series?

I tend to see the forum like i do movies, and we'll usually have seperate threads for sequels...except when we dont. Yeah, so....not a very pressing issue, just wondering what others thought.

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