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So I had this bit hanging around as my signature for a while but I decided it needed updating and a thread of its own. Feel free to make your own suggestions




Learn more about your fellow Hondonians. Here;s a look at some of their favorite movies:


Heartless Bitch: Dirty Harry ("All those hella dumb asses who think everyone in San Francisco is a commie wimp can come over here and make my day.")

Irish Cowboy: The Postman ("The most fun I ever had for $5")


Piggylover: Tittyfuck 4 ("Whatever I pick up off the porn shelf, really")


Jumbie: The Substitute ("Forget corporal punishment in schools. What some of these damned kids need is Capital punishment")


Archangel: The Magdelene Sisters ("A stirring portrayal of the limits of the church's competence and ideals in civil society.")


Junkerseed: Hunger ("What do you mean you never heard of Hunger?! That's the problem with Americans. They have no interest in the really creative work being done by independent filmmakers, who struggle to bring their vision to the screen and get no reward.")


Dinghy: Hunger ("I have to say that or I don't get sex tonight: Cinema boy would be up all night sucking his thumb and crying for his momma."


Jack's Meandering Thoughts: Scarface ("I like this evenhanded portrayal of the rise of a Cuban-American businessman in a competitive free market economy. It makes me proud to be Cuban-American also.")


BishopCruz: StarWars Episodes 1-3 ("Forget the stunning visual effects and the thrilling fightscenes. Rather, it's the deep character development and amazingly vibrant dialogue that make these movies the ones I watch over and over again. The original trilogy, quite frankly, was amateurish and shallow in comparison.")

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