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Hey, i once read this one on the net about a preist, a rabbi and FUCK X-BOX! Piece o' shit not only helped get Sega's legendary Dreamcast off the market, bought up Shenmue 2 so a buncha PC dorks can not appreciate the game, knowinlgy shipped defective units...ok fine, its not that terrible a system but it aint for me, and the admin puttin it in the title of the general forum was out of spite I SAY SPITE for the most frequent user of his old forum.

I mean, what did i do? Troll a lil, sure, but dont we all?


PS Yahven its good etiquette for you and other moderators to name a space like this "The Crap Shack" or somethin similar, so all trolls and other BS posts that bother you can, rather than be deleted, simply be moved into this dark corner, away from the public eye.

Just a thought.  Let the bullshitting flow.

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I've got one comment about the X-box.  The damn controllers suck!! I played a demo one at best buy and I thought my fingers were about to fall off. Microsoft should just stick to their multi-billion market of ripping people off with expensive programming bullshit.  Leave Consoles to Sega and Sony who actually build nice ergonomic controllers that make gaming fun.  Who the hell designed x-box's controller should burn very badly for being so stupid.  I will go on the record and say that I hope X-box doesn't see the light of day and make it to Next season with it's wannabe minicomputer piece of shit.  


Someone should petition for shenmue II to be given to ninetendo or sony.  Atleast someone who'll give justice to a fantastic game.

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You guys are probably right, the xbox will fail.  The controllers arent that bad really, ive used them too.  I do hate the damned X in the center, it gets dirty really easy and once filthy it looks like a cheap imitation controller.  I have to give kudos to the GameCube, they have some fugly lookin controllers but damn they feel good in your hands (tis all that really matters)  I see the xbox as trial #1 for good ol MS.  The uber conglomerate that if things go well i shall join next year !  If ya can't beat em, join em !  Im not a prodigy so I guess ill go with the company.  Seriously from what i hear from folks working and interning there, its probably the best company to work for.  Ultra flexible hours, playrooms, time off, casual wear, they really treat everyone well by name.  Nothing close to a scene from Office Space at all. This is still all heresay for me tho.  It is time to check it out on my own.

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Microsoft is a decent company to work for just make sure of one thing before you apply HAVE damn GOOD CREDIT IF NOT IMPECCABLE. They will drop anyone who has the slightest blemish on their credit.




"Fuck Microsoft! Fuck them in the ass with a big rubber dick!"

-basterdised george carlin rip off  :D

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opps....... there goes your application yahven...



look i dont care wheather this "x-box" is a piece of shit or not .........what is impotrant is that it affords compitition to the PS2 and GameCube.... its comforting to know that new compediters can break into the console arena and stir things up a bit.....just to let the gods at sony , nintendo and saga, know that they are not untouchable..... compitition lifts the quality of the console gaming experience.


if X-box flops......its microsoft fuck them they have the money, they can deal with it....

i kinda hope it does flop......and MS learns from its mistakes, sucks it up... and puts out a new inproved Console             (x-boxII).

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Hmm..while Yahven's got me on the "support consoles!" idea, one of the strong cases against the box is that it clearly is a beat system, and that kinda shit is mean to fans, even when sega did it.  Everyone in this industry knows you dont profit on systems - hell, sony takes a dive on each unit sold - its the software that sells, and the consumers like it this way.

I got pissed by watchin Microsoft swear it was a console and not a PC box, then tellin 3rd party companies "just port your PC games over!".  I got pissed watchin their gestapo tactic bullshit by lining EB's pockets, and subsequently hearin employee's singing the system's prasie and the death of gamecube/PS3/whatever was yet to come.  

It mgiht be seen as smart business, but it makes me nauseous in the PC realm; i cant stand seein it in my console arena.  I've read th press releases on the next ultimate console microsoft plans on wiring to your TV/PC/Toaster etc, and it reeks of R&D to me, with no more focus on minor elements like gameplay.  I get happy knowin people like Shingeru Miyamoto (Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, every NES & SNES game you liked) doesnt care if he's viewed as a "kiddy" programmer as long as the level structure and games are overall fun.  We lost track of that notion a while back, and now that its here - now that i can play a "kiddy" fighter like Super Smash Melee and then to pop in Metal Gear Solid 2 - here's this conglomerate that has no love for these ideas at all.

On the lighter side...I support Yahven's ambitious idea; i recall readin somewhere that anyone employed by microsoft (on a certain level) around the early 80's is now well into six digit+ figures.  Here's to hopin the "guy on the couch" gets far richer than the lot of us and maybe even buys back alla food he bummed, in spades.

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